Cupid's Pulse Article: JoJo FletcherCupid's Pulse Article: JoJo Fletcher

Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher has certainly made a name for herself in the reality TV dating scene. This Dallas native first made her television debut on NBC’s Ready for Love in 2013, which featured her reality TV star brother, Ben Patton and his search for a celebrity relationship. Most recently Fletcher appeared on ABC’s The Bachelor season 20 with Ben Higgins where she competed against Lauren Bushnell for a celebrity wedding proposal. In the season finale, Higgins declared that he loved Fletcher, but ultimately ended their celebrity relationship and chose Bushnell. Fletcher was visibly crushed by the celebrity break-up but it’s safe to say that she’s over it after being chosen as The Bachelorette season 12, which premieres on May 23.

Aside from being a beautiful reality TV star looking to find someone special to complete her life, Fletcher is an established real estate developer. She owns her own company, JHF Realty Development LLC. She is also a graduate of Baylor University and earned a Bachelor of Applied Science, proving that beauty and brains can exist side-by-side. The 25-year old real estate developer is eager to take the next steps in her life. We cannot wait to find out who will be the next celebrity couple.

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