Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Angelina Jolie, Sharon Osbourne and Tori SpellingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Angelina Jolie, Sharon Osbourne and Tori Spelling

By Shoshi

In the latest celebrity news, three famous couples have caught the public’s attention, one of which is a high profiled split that no one saw coming between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; while two other long term marriages are fighting to survive after celebrity cheating scandals (Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, and Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott). But who’s stepping out this time around hand in hand? Join me as I look into the crystal ball of relationships and love. Below, I share my predictions for these celebrity couples.

Celebrity Couple Predictions: Celebrity Relationships That May or May Not Last

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: When it was announced that Angelina Jolie had filed to divorce Brad Pitt, gasps were heard around the world. The fairytale was officially over. But was their relationship really as wonderful as everyone thought it was? While most people were surprised that their marriage is ending, I was surprised that it’s lasted as long as it did. There were clues that their marriage wasn’t filled with unicorns and rainbows. Anytime a couple gets married due to pressure from their children, it isn’t a good sign. This relationship should have ended a long time ago. Jolie is so ready to move on. Their pack of kids can beg and plead for her to go back to Pitt, but it’s a wrap. Rumor has it that she has already moved into a private residence in Los Angeles that cost $30,000 per month! It’s time for both of them to move on. While Pitt is a bit devastated now, he will see that this is for the best Don’t be surprised if Angelina’s next lover is a woman. Brad will be fine, women are already getting in formation to swoop down and grab him. My relationship advice to him is to stop picking high maintenance women.

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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne: Look’s like Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are having a real lovefest after Ozzy’s alleged affair with a celebrity hairstylist earlier this year. He recently surprised Sharon by showing up on The Talk and giving her a diamond ring for her birthday. Ever notice how men like to make things better with diamonds? There are those who feel like their happiness is staged. Maybe it is, but then again what hasn’t their relationship been through at this point? I don’t see anything that will actually cause this celebrity couple to break up for good.Their marriage has been a bit of a rollercoaster since day one. Sharon is a ride or die when it comes to Ozzy. They will continue on with their sweet gestures in the press. It is what it is. They are basically a famous couple that at the end of the day is just like everybody else.

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: Remember all the drama that Spelling went through with her husband McDermott. It looked like their marriage was going to end, but Spelling took one for the team and stuck with it. The couple recently announced that their fifth child is on the way. There is still conflict in their relationship that stems back to the Dean’s 2-day affair when he was working in Canada. Let’s not forget that Tori actually got together with Dean because they had an affair while filming a Lifetime movie. McDermott also recently proposed again to Spelling right before their tenth anniversary with their kids in attendance. That’s all good, but I say this marriage is still a hot mess. Spelling can do so much better than him. When will she see the light? With baby number five on the way, she may never leave. Being a single mother with five kids doesn’t sound so sexy when it comes to dating. McDermott is sneaky and it looks like he just may bring more heartbreak to Spelling; that may be just the thing that she needs to let him go and find love with another. Let’s just say that he is the lucky one in the relationship.

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