Cupid's Pulse Article: Find Out How Angelina Jolie Told Brad Pitt She Wanted a Celebrity DivorceCupid's Pulse Article: Find Out How Angelina Jolie Told Brad Pitt She Wanted a Celebrity Divorce

By Mallory McDonald

When the celebrity news  broke that Angelina Jolie is filling for divorce from Brad Pitt, everyone wanted to know the details! A source close to the actress told, “She sat down, talked to Brad and offered to file [for divorce] together. She said, ‘This is what I’d like to do.’ She explained everything. Angelina did what she felt she needed to do.” This has left Brad reeling from the news. Even though he was aware that there was trouble in their celebrity marriage, he was left “wrecked” when Jolie told him she was filing. Pitt wanted the divorce to be quiet for the sake of their children, but this news has been anything but quiet. It was also confirmed that Pitt is being investigated for child abuse from an incident on a private plane on September 14th. Pitt has tried everything to keep their relationship together, but could not keep it from crumbling.

This celebrity divorce is all anyone’s talking about this week. What are some ways to approach the topic of divorce with your significant other?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Approaching the subject of divorce is always challenging. Cupid’s here with advice on how to talk to your partner about it:

1. Honesty: It can be easy to keep pushing your feelings under the rug to try to protect your partner from hurt, but that will only create more pain. When you are not happy in your relationship anymore and nothing is working to fix it, sometimes you have to make that tough decision and they need to know.

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2. Full disclosure: Try not to sugar coat what is happening. You don’t want your significant other to get the wrong impression of what you are asking for. By being honest and clear in your plans to file for divorce, there won’t be room for confusion.

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3. Timely fashion: Try not to prolong telling them once you have made your decision. There’s a long process involved in getting a divorce, and the sooner you get it out on the table, the quicker the process will be over and you can move on.

How would you approach the divorce subject with your partner? Share your thoughts below.