Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Casting Director and Actress Becky Wu Compares Dating and Acting: “You Should Trust Your Own Story”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Casting Director and Actress Becky Wu Compares Dating and Acting: “You Should Trust Your Own Story”

By Kayla Garritano

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of work — both behind-the-scenes and on-screen — that needs to be done in order to make a successful show, music video, or movie. You can even say that casting directors act as “matchmakers” for their clients, finding the perfect harmony between actor and project. That’s what Myx TV’s new reality show Cast Me! is all about. Becky Wu is one of the casting directors that appears on the series, but fans may recognize her from her acting roles on shows like Desperate HousewivesAll My Children, and Grey’s Anatomy. In an exclusive celebrity interview with, Wu talks about her latest project as well as how she balances her hectic schedule and her love life.

Becky Wu Talks About Cast Me! in Our Celebrity Interview

Cast Me! reveals what goes on in the casting world as aspiring actors and actresses compete in hopes for their big break. It puts contestants through unusual and eccentric auditions as they pursue roles in upcoming television commercials, movies, or music videos. “Viewers will get an inside look at what we do day in and day out as casting directors,” explains Wu. “There are so many crazy and hilarious moments on the show. We have a lot of fun doing our jobs, and that’s totally reflected in the series. It’s honestly hard for me to pick a favorite episode because each one has its valuable lessons. None of the episodes should be missed!”

With this new show, Wu hopes that viewers who are entertainers will learn what casting directors are looking for during auditions. “People need to understand that you have to build thick skin and that everyone will have an opinion,” she shares in our celebrity interview. Aside from educating new actors, she wants her appearance on the show to inspire people to follow their dreams and to realize that just because one casting director doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you can’t improve and get better.

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Given her experience both behind and in front of the camera, Wu can offer a lot of great advice to hopeful actors: “Always be prepared. Constantly work on your craft, so when an opportunity arises, you are ready and can take it head on because you’ve been practicing for so long. It’s so common for people to land an audition and feel lucky; then, they don’t get the role because they weren’t prepared. Success comes when preparation meets opportunity.”

In addition to her new show and rewarding career as a casting director, Wu will be making an appearance on an FX scripted series, which will premiere soon. She couldn’t tell us much more about it, but she’s “so excited for the opportunity.”

Celebrity Casting Director On Balancing Her Relationship With Work

Despite her busy lifestyle and long hours on the job, Wu still makes time for romance. “At one point, I had to put my foot down because it was affecting my relationship with my boyfriend,” she says. “I was giving it all at the office and not able to spend as much time with him. Now, I’ve hired a lot more people to help me out, and there’s a much better balance.”

Fortunately, her boyfriend is a stuntman in Los Angeles, so they both understand how the industry works and encourage each other in their respective jobs. “We both know what this profession entails, so that makes it easier on our relationship,” she adds.

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So how does acting compare to dating? Wu finds similarities in the need to trust yourself and your instincts. “You have to trust the decision that you make as an actor in a story. In a relationship or on a first date, you should also trust your own story and who you really are rather than making things up because you’re feeling insecure,” she shares. “Just like in an audition, anything can happen on a first date, so it helps to get the jitters out and do what you need to feel confident and loosen up.” We couldn’t agree with this relationship advice more!

Cast Me! airs Tuesday nights on Myx TV at 8/7c. Each episode is available online at every Wednesday.