Cupid's Pulse Article: Balance Work and Love Like a Celebrity CoupleCupid's Pulse Article: Balance Work and Love Like a Celebrity Couple

By Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher for Project Soulmate

It’s no secret that we are all envious of celebrities and the lavish lifestyles they lead, most especially their wardrobes. After all, they’re dripping in diamonds and designer ensembles. Let’s face it: Who wouldn’t want to raid Victoria Beckham or Angelina Jolie’s closet? But their favorite arm candy to show off is not their Birkin Bags; it’s their men.

Hollywood Relationships and Love Lives

While celebrities may have fame and fortune, when it comes to relationships and love, they don’t always have the best luck. Constantly being in the spotlight and traveling for work is not the best mix when it comes to being in a committed partnership. We’ve seen many Hollywood relationships unravel because of the constant pressure of being in the public eye, but some celebrity couples have learned to balance their careers with their personal lives.

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Finding the perfect balance of being successful in work and in your relationship can be tricky for anyone. Some famous couples have made maintaining their relationship look easy, while others crumble to the ground.

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham have become one of Hollywood’s most iconic pairs. From their perfect physiques to their trendy clothing lines, this duo is constantly in the media. However, somehow, they’ve been able to stay grounded and keep their private lives to themselves. They both have successful careers, which helps balance their power in the relationship and allows them to have their own lives in addition to the life that they share together. This is important because, in order to have a successful relationship, you must keep your own interests and friends. The Beckham’s have different careers, but they share a love for family and fashion, which helps to keep them united.

Another celebrity couple that we can’t seem to get enough of is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt — otherwise known as Brangelina. This Hollywood relationship may have started out with a bit of a scandal, but their connection has blossomed into quite the love story. They’re able to maintain their busy schedules and keep the spark alive. They visit each other on sets with their children and have even written love notes to each other while they were filming on opposite sides of the world — talk about romance! They also take many family celebrity vacations together and even tied the knot this past year to show their children just how much they love each other.

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Not All Celebrity Couples Last Forever

On the other hand, some celebrity couples like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes fall apart at the seams. We first learned of their relationship when Cruise infamously jumped on Oprah’s sofa and announced his love for the Dawson’s Creek star. But perhaps, he spoke too soon. The pair became a media frenzy, and with the pressure from the public along with their busy work schedules, they couldn’t seem to make it work. They both shared the same career and both converted to Scientology, which may have strained their celebrity relationship.

Given these examples, it’s best to follow the behavior of the Beckham’s or Brangelina. Maintain your independence no matter how in love you are. If they can find a lasting relationship and love, you can too!

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