Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears Want to CollaborateCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears Want to Collaborate

By Kayla Garritano

We can’t stop this feeling! Celebrity exes Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears want to collaborate with each other on a new song! According to, Spears said that she would like to collaborate with the “Sexyback” artist. And when he heard the news, he responded, “She did? Sure! Absolutely, absolutely!” But because he has a child at home, he told E! that he hadn’t heard about the news. He added, “I apologize for not being in the know…I’m accessible, give us a call!”

These celebrity exes obviously harbor no animosity! What are some ways to fully get over your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Getting over your ex can be tricky. But sometimes, it can work out for the best. And who knows, you may even be able to collaborate with them…or just hang out with them. Cupid is here with some relationship advice on how to fully get over your ex:

1. Date other people: This doesn’t mean finding a rebound, but it means give yourself time to figure out who you want to date. Once you do, you may end up finding the right “one” for you. Justin Timberlake found his wife, so maybe you’ll find the one you’re going to marry, too!

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2. Make a list of reasons: You broke up for a reason. Make a list of reasons why you broke up, and you will begin feeling better about that person being your ex. By the time you look over the list, you’ll probably be moving on to the next one.

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3. See them: You’re going to want to avoid your ex. It’s never comfortable seeing them, and when you see them for the first time since the break-up, it will probably be a little awkward. However, you can’t avoid them forever. Seeing them, and even hanging out with them if the situation arises, will help you overcome any leftover feelings you have for your ex.

How have you fully gotten over an ex? Comment below!