Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Turning Your Summer Fling Into Something That Lasts LongerCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Turning Your Summer Fling Into Something That Lasts Longer

By David Wygant

Summer loving, have me a blast. Summer loving, happened so fast. I met a girl crazy for me. I met a boy cute as can be.  Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights.

You remember those lines from that iconic song in the movie GreaseSummer Nights? Well for those of you lucky enough to find a special someone during the hot months, you’ve just had a little summer loving, or you’re experiencing it now. The days are winding down, nights are getting cooler, the sun getting weaker, and Labor Day is almost upon us! What are you going to do about your summer romance? Will it last? As a relationship expert, I’m here to tell you that summer isn’t hunting season. Fall actually is! Whoever you met in the summer is thinking the same thing you are. They’re thinking, “Have I met somebody that I’m actually going to be able to celebrate Christmas with? Will they be able to cuddle and snuggle all warm by the fire with me?” So how do you actually turn this summer fling into something long-lasting? My relationship advice is very simple, just continue with the fun!

Relationship Advice On Turning Your Summer Fling Into Something More

In the beginning of a relationship, it’s all about having a good time, getting to know one another, learning each other’s love language, figuring out who each other is. So what you want to do is continue this relationship by being the same person. Maybe you won’t be taking walks on the beach or around the lake anymore. Maybe you’ll be doing things in your hometown. It doesn’t matter where you are, or how you met. The bottom line is, summer flings can turn into long-lasting relationships, so you should treat it just as that. Continue doing things that were fun.

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Summer may be ending, but if you want a serious relationship, keep courting him or her. Court this person because you’ve been courting them the whole time in the summertime. Court them so they knows exactly what you’re talking about. The best dating advice I can offer is to be open, loving, and present to continue this relationship.  To me, summertime is a great time to meet, but now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty, and get down to the beauty of what you can actually co-create together. Bring back memories of the summer. Take lots of pictures now as summer winds down to an end. Take time to text your special someone these photos throughout the fall so you both can be brought back to that moment.  There’s no reason for summer flings to end. It can easily continue into the fall. Follow my relationship advice and dating tips, and I assure you, you’ll be able to sing Summer Nights this same time next year.

David Wygant is an internationally-renowned dating and relationship expert, author of the book Naked, and speaker. Through his boot camps, personal coaching, and his website, his love advice has transformed the relationships and love of hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the globe. 

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