Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Make Your Love Life Sparkle Post-4th of JulyCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Make Your Love Life Sparkle Post-4th of July

By Josh Ringler

Now that the 4th of July has passed, it’s officially the beginning of summer, and there is no better time than summer to have a lover in your life. Whether it is beach dates, hiking trips, or days at the lake, the summer will always be better when you are with your love. Celebrity couples love to spend the 4th of July together, but they usually go far away. Luckily for you, you don’t have to go far to find love! Follow these pieces of relationship advice to make your love life full of sparks and fireworks!

These pieces of relationship advice will help you find love this 4th of July!

1. Go to the beach: The beginning of July is a perfect time for a day trip to the beach! Here’s a great piece of dating advice: Leave early to avoid traffic! Going to the beach together will create great memories and leave the two of you happy. Swimming together, playing frisbee, and flying a kite on the beach can really get the sparks flying between the two of you!

2. Get romantic: If the beach isn’t your ideal destination, there are plenty of other options. Go to the city for a romantic date, or fly away if you can afford it! Finding a romantic restaurant or place to go can be easy, but it does not just have to be the destination that is romantic. Buy sparklers and firewood and make a mini-4th of July in your backyard! The two of you can get creative and that will always make things fun.

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3. Shake things up: If you are in a long term relationship, or one that has already had a 4th of July together, try to change things up. An important piece of relationship advice is to keep things fresh, new, and exciting, and any holiday is a perfect time to really take advantage of this. If you went to the beach last year, go hiking this year. If you took a vacation for the holiday, find a new place to go. Keeping things new and shaking them up will keep the relationship full of sparks, and the two of you will be happier for it!

4. Don’t be afraid of PDA: Whether you are at the beach, a fireworks show, or maybe a concert, don’t be afraid to show a little affection in public! Show your love for your partner, and make everyone around you jealous! You should be proud to be in a happy relationship, and there is nothing wrong with a little kiss, holding hands, or more. Wrapping yourself around each other in the water or cuddling on a blanket at fireworks or the shore won’t hurt anyone, and will only help to expand your love for each other.

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5. Find a spot for just the two of you: Fireworks, especially around the 4th, can be a really romantic time. Find a secluded spot on the beach, or a lonely hiking path to heat up the woods. For the fireworks show you go to, find a spot that is dark and away from everyone else so you can cuddle and have some romantic moments. The holidays are about love and you should have your partner right next to you to show you how much you love them!

How did you spend the 4th? Let us know how you keep the sparks in your relationship in the comments below!