Cupid's Pulse Article: Kelly RutherfordCupid's Pulse Article: Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford is a decorated actress, with prominent roles in many soap operas, Lifetime movies, and other silver screen pictures. However, her most known role was Lily Humphrey in Gossip Girl. She also starred in Generations, Melrose Place, and more recently, Quantico.  While featured in many other roles, she is still working to this day.

Both Rutherford’s career and love life have been active. Her first celebrity marriage was to Carlos Tarajano, a wealthy banker. However, the celebrity couple did not last long, and a celebrity divorce was filed six months into their marriage. Four years later, Rutherford had another celebrity wedding to Daniel Giersch. The marriage yielded two children, Hermés Gustaf Daniel and Helena. Helena was born in the midst of a custody battle as a heartbreaking celebrity divorce ensued. While Rutherford fought a hard battle to keep custody of her children, she was unable to secure a victory. The courts did not rule in her favor, and in fact, because of her legal costs, she had to file for bankruptcy. The twists and turns of her custody battle could have been a soap opera itself.

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