Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Wendy Williams Talks Celebrity Mom Kelly Rutherford Losing Custody Battle & Appeal!Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Wendy Williams Talks Celebrity Mom Kelly Rutherford Losing Custody Battle & Appeal!

By Emma Malefakis

Today, the one and only Wendy Williams sent the team another SHOUT OUT, asking for our readers opinion on the final ruling in celebrity mom Kelly Rutherford’s custody battle with ex-husband, Daniel Giersch.

As many of you know from watching this intense celebrity news and gossip play out over the past six years, the celebrity couple divorced in 2010, just four years after they met. The international custody battle has been going on ever since.

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The six year battle has finally come to an end for the moment and not in Rutherford’s favor, even after she was said to have spent $1.5 million on legal fees. Rutherford’s ex-husband, Giersch has been awarded full custody of their two children, six-year-old Helena and nine-year-old, Hermes. The celebrity mom will only be allowed to visit her children in Monaco or France.

Breaking Celebrity News: Kelly Rutherford loses appeal by the U.S. Courts following custody battle.

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Many believe the Gossip Girl star’s actions in August are what lost her the case. Rutherford disobeyed a Monaco court order and tried to keep her children in New York over the summer, Giersch and his lawyers accused her of child abduction and kidnapping. Watch the clip above to hear what Wendy has to say about this celebrity news and hot topic, and then share your opinion below!

At the end of the day, we find the agreement to be a little harsh. No mother should be taken away from her children unless of course she is creating harm to them. 

Please comment below and let us know what you think.

What do you think about celebrity mom Kelly Rutherford losing both her custody battle and appeal?

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