Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Melanie Griffith Wishes Ex-Husband Antonio Banderas a Happy BirthdayCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Melanie Griffith Wishes Ex-Husband Antonio Banderas a Happy Birthday

By Cortney Moore

Melanie Griffith has surprised us all with a sweet birthday message for her famous ex, Antonio Banderas on August 10. According to, the starlet took to Instagram to send her loving regards, saying “Happy Birthday to my ruggedly handsome ex husband,” and even adding, “Will always love you.” However, Banderas had beaten her to the punch since he wrote his own special birthday Twitter post for Griffith (whose birthday is August 9) in Spanish a day before saying, “Happy birthday Melanie, A loving hug from Marbella.” The former couple made celebrity news when they finalized their celebrity divorce in December 2015, after a 20 year long marriage. But as we can see through these adorable birthday posts, their celebrity divorce must have been amicable. If only all celebrity exes could be this cordial!

There’s no animosity in this celebrity news! What are some ways to stay cordial with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Break-ups can be sad, but they don’t have to end up being nasty. It’s very possible to have a civil split from an ex. Let Cupid help you stay cordial with your ex:

1. Keep to yourself: Depending on the reasons you broke up, you might be tempted to speak badly about your ex. Don’t do this! Keep any negative thoughts to yourself instead of sharing them with your family, friends or the internet.

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2. Refrain contact: End communication with your ex immediately after the split. This will prevent arguments and ensure that your break-up will be final. Only reach out to your ex if it’s absolutely necessary, but don’t talk about the past with them. There’s no reason to bring up things that can lead to a fight.

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3. Focus on you: Another way to ensure you’ll be cordial with your ex is to take time for yourself. Focus on you and your happiness and any other negativity will fall away. Being content with yourself will also help you to move on in a healthy manner.

What are some ways you’ve remained cordial with an ex? Share your stories in the comments below.