Cupid's Pulse Article: Melanie Griffith Erases Antonio Banderas From Heart Tattoo Post-SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Melanie Griffith Erases Antonio Banderas From Heart Tattoo Post-Split

By Shannon Seibert

Melanie Griffith made quite the statement at Italy’s Taormina Film Festival on Tuesday, June 17, by covering up her husband Antonio Banderas’ name on her famous heart tattoo. The couple just recently split after being together for almost 20 years. Griffiths’ signature heart tattoo was covered with a flesh patch and make up to cover her ex’s name. The ink had been a trademark for their love since 1998 when it first debuted, according to

What are some ways to show the world you love your partner?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Being in love is one of the most riveting experiences. There is no reason you shouldn’t shout your hearts desires from every roof top and valley you come across. Ink may not be your thing, and it doesn’t have to be. Check out these special ways you can show your love and the world how you feel:

1. Make a documentary about your relationship: What says love like being all over the internet? With all of the cool gadgets and gizmos there are plenty of ways you can digitally document your love story. We all get teary watching the proposal videos all over YouTube, there is no reason that your relationship doesn’t deserve the same glory.

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2. Never stop dating: It sounds crazy, but some couples forget that they’re still dating while in a relationship. Yes, you have found your significant other,  but that doesn’t mean you should stop courting them. Treat your love with the same attention that you did when you first got together, and the two of you will undoubtedly have a strong, lasting relationship that will be noticeable to everyone.

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3. Just being together: As corny as it sounds, everyone can pick up on a couple who is in love by the way they act together. If you’re constant smiling with your honey, holding his hand, and he protectively holding on to you, people are bound to notice. The constant Facebook posts, the way he looks at you from across the room, and the way your eyes light up at the mention of his name are all indicators of love that cannot be fabricated. When you’re in love, you can’t force it, it’s just there, naturally.

What are some big ways you’ve showed the world you love your partner? Tell us in the comments below!