Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Brandi Glanville Is More Than a Housewife on ‘Famously Single’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Brandi Glanville Is More Than a Housewife on ‘Famously Single’

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Stephanie Sacco.

Brandi Glanville is more than a “real housewife” and reality TV star. She’s also a single mother looking for a good man. Known mostly for her infamous (drinking) escapades on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH), the mother of two has joined the cast of the new reality television series, Famously Single. The new E! series centers around eight single celebrities living in a house together with the goal of mending their broken hearts and relationship issues once and for all.  The singles are advised by relationship coaches, practice dating techniques and attend group therapy sessions throughout the season.

Glanville opened up to in an exclusive celebrity interview, where she gave us the scoop on her recent Instagram booty post, filled us in on her tryst with Calum Best and dished on all things marriage, love and her experience on the new reality TV show, Famously Single.

Reality TV Star Brandi Glanville reveals who the booty Instagram & Tweet were for in our celebrity interview.

Glanville has kissed a lot of frogs in her dating life but last week she addressed her most recent (ex) flame on social media by sharing two pictures of her booty on Instagram and on Twitter, where she reclaimed her body and said it no longer belonged to him.  The photo created a lot of celebrity news headlines but Glanville gave us the real scoop on who that booty shot was intended for saying, “There’s always that guy that you go back and forth with and you know it’s not good for you, but he’s there when no one else is.” 

She says the relationship was on again, off-again for about a year before she decided to end it for good on social media. “We would just hook up but we would never really go out together,” explained Glanville. “He’s an actor and he didn’t want to be seen with someone on a reality show because I guess it makes him less legitimate as an actor.”

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Glanville decided to go along with the half-relationship and let it play out. But last week, on her way to his Fourth of July party, her love interest called and told her not to come because it wasn’t the best idea that she be there. Her response? “I got a bottle of rosé, I went to my gay husband’s house, we made Instagram videos, and I taught him how to walk on a runway, and that was my Fourth of July.” Instead of letting her flames rejection consume her, she took to social media and ended it-her way!

Reality TV Star Addresses Recent Celebrity Gossip

The most recent celebrity gossip has focused on the fact that Glanville claims she never wants to get married again and while she admits that to be true she also says that she “would love to meet someone who changes her mind.” Glanville says that she is open to the possibility if it happens but “she doesn’t need a paper to define the relationship.” I guess never say never.  On RHOBH, Glanville says that she wasn’t seen as a mother with emotions and a woman with a romantic side, but instead as ‘your drunk friend Brandi.’  Famously Single shows a different side to the former model and allows her to be herself. 

The former RHOBH star says that she was skeptical about doing another reality show and unsure how open she should be about the process. “I used to be very touchy feely, and I used to snuggle and now for seven years I don’t do PDA, I don’t snuggle,” she says. Her doubts proved unnecessary because she did connect emotionally on the show with her new Bestie, Calum Best. “Luckily I met someone in the house that I ended up having feelings for,” says the Famously Single star. “It made me feel good again. It made me feel like I’m ready for this again and I don’t have to be so tough and scare everyone off. I really just need to put myself out there and if I get hurt, I get hurt.” The most important part of life is learning how to cope with change and moving on after hard times.

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Famously Single taught Glanville a lot about herself, although she didn’t find lasting love in the end. She says Best, her equally famous and single love interest, played a huge part in helping her figure things out. “Ultimately I love him, I adore him. If he was five years older and lived here, things would be different.”

Being on the show was a life changing experience for Glanville and she received plenty of great relationship advice“I realized that I have to be softer. I have to let people in and give them the chance to get to know me.”

Instead of exploiting single celebrities and trying to make them look bad, the dating coaches on Famously Single try to help them fight through their dating past to make a better future. “I want to be a girl sometimes. I want to let that side of me down and I want to be vulnerable, but having said that I know that’s how I get hurt,” Glanville says. “So it’s just about finding that recognition and Laurel and Darcy helped me find it.” 

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Glanville doesn’t want to dwell on the past and she isn’t interested in ever going back to the RHOBH show that made her famous. According to Glanville, her time on Famously Single was nothing like RHOBH. “It was completely different,” she says. “They weren’t trying to have us fight with each other. We were all there to work on ourselves. I fell in love with all of them a little bit. It was nice. It was a completely different experience.”

Famously Single airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on E!

You can read all about Brandi Glanville’s love life in her books on Amazon or follow her on Twitter.