Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Reality TV Matchmaker Carmelia Ray Says, “Take Actions That Are Consistent With Your Commitments”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Reality TV Matchmaker Carmelia Ray Says, “Take Actions That Are Consistent With Your Commitments”

By Rebecca White

On May 3, a new Myx TV original dating series premiered that tested the old cliche that “mother knows best.” Carmelia Ray is the world-renowned professional matchmaker star in the new series, Mom vs. Matchmaker, which challenges a matchmaking titan with over 20 years of experience to find, train and prep a better suitor than determined moms who are inserting themselves into their single child’s love life. In our exclusive celebrity interview, the relationship expert talks about the new reality TV show and gives her best love advice.

Carmelia Ray Talks New Reality TV Show, ‘Mom vs. Matchmaker’

With any reality TV show, the contestants’ future happiness is on the line in the hit new series. Emotions run high and audiences are able to get a behind the scenes look at the matchmaking process. As the matchmaker, Ray is most excited for viewers to see what it takes to find a match so they can appreciate the process of working with a matchmaker. “Matchmaking is a real alternative and a great one at that,” the expert says. “Viewers will be surprised at the lengths that both mom and I go to, to find the perfect match.”

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The matchmaking process isn’t just about finding someone who marks off checks on a list but is a creative training process. As the matchmaking titan says, “Nothing is predictable.” The show features many twists and turns, because even if a choice seems obvious and makes the most sense, people tend to go with their gut, even if goes beyond what they say they want. Overall, the show also displays that mothers don’t always know best. “I’m a mom and I’m willing to admit I don’t always know best,” Ray says with a laugh. “There’s no manual and there are a hundred different ways to deal with a situation, so even though moms have a strong sense of what an outcome should be, they don’t always know best.”

Matchmaker Gives Best Love Advice

With summer right around the corner and summer love on everyone’s mind, turning a summer fling into a full-fledged relationship can be tricky. Ray’s best dating tips for summer love are to avoid sleeping with someone on the first date and take your time. “There’s something to be said about saving yourself sexually,” she adds. Slowly reveal yourself, because the mystery is half the charm.

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Along with summer love, comes wedding season. If you’re single and navigating the upcoming wedding season, you don’t have to bring your summer fling as a date. “It’s always great to bring a date who has no expectations,” the reality TV star says. “Bring a wing woman or a wingman or the DD.” When you’re single, going to a wedding doesn’t have to have pressure or be awkward. You can bring someone who has your back and complements you so you can have a good time. But remember that the wedding day is also about your friend who is getting married. If you see that the bride is having cold feet, have them list everything that they love about their partner. “Ask them what they’re really nervous about because a lot of times they are focusing on what can go wrong in the relationship,” Ray says. To help your pal through this, have them remember why their partner is a good match and how their life is better with that person.

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You may also have friends who are already married and have thriving careers and families. Managing a career and a family isn’t always easy, but moms need to remember to have “me-time.” In order to get their energy and mood up, moms have to make themselves a priority and let their family know what they need. Busy moms can also find support groups who have similar interests and will encourage you to get involved in the community. Whether you enroll in a group that does activities you like or a group of moms that support each other, look to other people to help you out. Focusing on your relationship is a great idea, as well. Making time for romance, your career, and your family is tough, but it’s all about prioritization. “If you value your relationship, you’ll make time,” Ray says. “Everything else is just excuses.” In our celebrity interview, the reality TV star shared that the best love advice she’s ever received was to “Take actions that are consistent with your commitments.” If you say you’re committed to your relationship, then make sure you’re calling your partner or texting them updates. If one thing is for sure: This matchmaker does not take excuses.

Mom vs. Matchmaker airs Tuesdays on Myx TV at 8 p.m. EST.

You can keep up with Carmelia Ray on Twitter and her website.