Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Justin Bieber Hangs with Selena Gomez Look-alike in MiamiCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Justin Bieber Hangs with Selena Gomez Look-alike in Miami

By Cortney Moore

Justin Bieber is making celebrity news once more, after being spotted with model Alexandra Rodriguez, who some believe shares an uncanny resemblance to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez!  The public watched Bieber and Gomez’s rollercoaster on-and-off celebrity relationship from 2009 to 2015. However, it seems that Bieber has moved on to become a celebrity couple with Rodriguez, though they have yet to confirm whether or not they’re official. According to, Bieber was seen getting very close to Rodriguez in Miami this week. Onlookers told Us that “Bieber affectionately held onto the brunette beauty’s waist,” which indeed sounds like this pair could actually be a celebrity couple!

This celebrity news proves that old habits die hard. What are some ways to determine your “type”?

Cupid’s Advice:

When we’re dating, there are always a few common traits that we gravitate towards. We often look for these traits in a partner and then call them our “type.” For those who are unsure of what their type is, Cupid is here to help you determine which is best for you:

1. Shared interests: A simple and straight forward way to determine your type is by finding interests you both share. If you tend to like people who like the same things you do, then you can determine that your type must be compatible with your hobbies and lifestyle. At the very least, your type should show an interest in the things you do.

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2. Similar energy levels: Another important trait in finding your type is knowing how energetic you want them to be. If you like being active then you want someone that will be active with you. If you prefer low energy activities, you’ll need someone who likes doing that as well. Dating a person who has an opposing energy level from your own is not the right type for you.

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3. Mutual desire: Hopefully if you’re trying to get into a serious relationship, you want someone who is attracted to you the same way you are to them. Don’t try to force anything that isn’t there. If you’re not desiring to be in another’s presence then they are not your type. A relationship without desire or passion is a friendship, go find someone who can satisfy your romantic needs.

Do you know your type? How did you figure it out? Share your stories below.