Cupid's Pulse Article: Former Celebrity Couple News: Selena Gomez Spotted at Justin Bieber Concert After Kissing PostCupid's Pulse Article: Former Celebrity Couple News: Selena Gomez Spotted at Justin Bieber Concert After Kissing Post

By Brooke Crawford

In latest celebrity news, Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber can’t seem to steer clear of one another. According to, Gomez was seen at Bieber’s concert just four days after her ex¬†Justin Beiber posted a throwback Instagram photo of the two kissing. This news is contradictory to the statement she made in her celebrity interview with W magazine for her March cover story. This former celebrity couple is a prime example of what it looks like when your relationship is a revolving door.

This former celebrity couple is making waves yet again. What are some ways to keep from getting sucked back into the vortex that is a relationship with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Removing yourself from a toxic relationship can be harder than it looks when emotions are involved. Cupid is here to give you some healthy relationship advice:

1. Social media: Remove your ex from any and all social media. Although it may be hard to distance yourself from this person, it is in your best interest. Removing this person allows you the space to regain your own identity and see how much better off you are without him or her. Social media gives you an all access pass to continuously keep tabs on your ex, which will only make you reminisce about the good times and second guess yourself.

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2. Join a group: A distraction is just the thing to take your mind off of the break-up. Joining a group of some kind will help you focus on making new friendships and finding new interests. There are Facebook groups you can join as well as the well known website, which will point you to some in-person get-togethers. Find a group that supports your need to branch out and have new experiences.

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3. Get fit: Although going out and letting off some steam can be a good way to get over a break up, the gym is a great way to focus on something else as well. Getting fit allows you to feel empowered to accomplish other goals and can be the best form of revenge.

A break up can be a difficult thing to get over. What are some ways that you have overcome your former relationships? Comment below.