Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Caught KissingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Caught Kissing

By Katie Gray

JLo may still luh her papi! Jennifer Lopez was seen kissing her celebrity ex Casper Smart. According to, “Jennifer Lopez was caught giving her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart a big kiss on the lips in West Hollywood on Wednesday, Mar. 25. The intimate PDA took place on Lopez’s turf outside of an American Idol season 14 taping. According to Daily Mail, Smart stayed by Lopez’s side for most of the day until they both left together in his white convertible.”

Things are heating up between these celebrity exes! How do you know whether or not to get back together with a former flame? Cupid has some tips:

Cupid’s Advice:

One of the most complex situations in life is when we have to choose who our partner should be, if we should separate from them, and if we do – if we should get back together or not. It’s never simple and every case is different, as is the case with former Hollywood couple JLo and Casper Smart. When you truly love somebody, though, you shouldn’t let it go:

1. It’s true love: If you’re madly in love with a person, and it’s genuine and pure, then you should definitely give it another shot. Overwhelming feelings of authentic love don’t come around too often, so embrace it when you find it. At the end of the day, if you really love somebody – who cares if at one point you broke up.

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2. Changes were made: People change. People grow. People make mistakes and then right the wrong. It’s important to not hold grudges in life. Forgive people and move on. If your partner has fixed the issues that were the reasons for the break up, then don’t be afraid to give them another chance if that is what will make you happy. Everybody makes mistakes, nobody is perfect. Enjoy the improvements!

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3. The stars align: Sometimes the stars align and there is a happily ever after. In life we sometimes need a break from our partner, it’s completely healthy. If fate has it that you and that person should be together, then so be it. Bad things happen so that you can truly realize how great things are when they’re good. It’s important to fix something when it’s broke, instead of throwing it away too easily!

How have you known if you should get back together with your partner or not? Share your stories with Cupid below!