Cupid's Pulse Article: Have a Front Row Date Night to the Fireworks on a Circle-Line CruiseCupid's Pulse Article: Have a Front Row Date Night to the Fireworks on a Circle-Line Cruise

By Josh Ringler

The 4th of July is a perfect time for you and your loved one to do something exciting and new! Take your partner to the city, but instead of walking the streets, dining out, or taking advantage of the city’s many date ideas, go right to the piers! This date night is a little different than most July 4th dates! While celebrity couples always take advantage of yachts, most of us can’t afford them. But this Independence Day date night will make you cruise in celebrity-like style!

Circle-Line Cruises offers a great date night Independence Day voyage, and you would be crazy to miss it!

One of the best views you can get for the Macy’s fireworks show is on the water. Thankfully, companies like Circle-Line offer cruises that sail to the East River so you can watch the show unfold in front of your eyes.

No buildings, crowds of people, or any of that craziness will be in your way on this ship! There are two options for these cruises, VIP or regular, but regardless of which you choose, you will be in love with this trip. The only difference is an on-board DJ and a slightly better food menu. Sailing out of Pier 83 in the city, your love boat will sail past many of NYC’s famous landmarks.

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One of the coolest pre-fireworks parts of this trip is the stop at the Statue of Liberty. What is more American than the Statue of Liberty and then going to see fireworks? Maybe BBQ-esque food… But wait! That’s what is on the menu!

The best part of this cruise is the view for the fireworks. Snuggle with your love on the waters of the East River, right in front of the beautiful display of colors in the sky! Nothing could be better! These cruises are perfect for romantic nights, and an important piece of dating advice is to have as many date nights as possible to keep the relationship fresh, hot, and feeling new.

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Circle-Line’s Independence Day trips will surely excite you and your lover and make the 4th of July full of happiness for the two of you. While not everyone can enjoy a world-class fireworks display over the water with a magnificent skyline in the background, you can if you take advantage of a Circle-Line cruise on the Fourth of July!

Have you ever been on a Circle-Line cruise or enjoyed fireworks over the water with your love? Let us know in the comments below!