Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Reasons to Be ‘Independent’ This SummerCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Reasons to Be ‘Independent’ This Summer

By Josh Ringler

The summer is a great time to find summer love, but that isn’t for everyone. Love can be in the air, but there is no reason that you have to look for it. Let it come to you, or take the summer to focus on yourself! If you are just overcoming a break up after relationship problems, or you are reading about celebrity couples on the verge of collapse and need some advice, look no further! Cupid has your back with these pieces of dating advice that will keep you thinking positively about being independent this Independence Day!

These pieces of dating advice will highlight the reasons to be on your own this summer!

1. Take a break: The summer is the perfect time to detox and move on from someone in your past. Whether it was a hard break up over the winter or a painfully recent spring split, the summer is a great time to let that all go. Put on sunscreen, a pair of shades, grab a beach towel and head to the beach to cool off your mind and heat up your skin. While going to the beach can be fun as a date, being by yourself or with your friends can be just as relaxing and happy!

2. Family time: Having a partner means you have to make compromises with your time, whether it be less time with family and friends, or a combination of both. Now that you are on your own, spend time with your younger siblings, visit your cousin or aunt in a different state, or spend time with your grandparents. They will be really happy to spend time with you, and who knows! They may even have some good dating advice for you.

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3. You can explore: Have you been dying to go to the Grand Canyon, L.A., or Orlando? Now is your time. Go with a group of friends, or by yourself, it won’t matter. You can have a great time and maybe even find a new love interest! Take the drive to think things through, and the change in scenery to enjoy the next chapter of your life. Don’t be afraid to try something new or take that far drive. It will be worth it!

4. Focus on your career: Without a relationship, you can work extra hours, or spend extra time studying. If you are in school, find an internship or a job in a city across the country, or if you are already employed, work extra hours, or ask for larger assignments. Now is a perfect time to propel your career to the next level and make advances in your life. That will definitely help your future chances in love!

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5. Focus on yourself: After a break up, especially a rough one, you may want to blame yourself for everything that happened. Instead of thinking negative, you should keep your head up and focus on yourself and your future relationships. A great piece of dating advice is to stay positive and to look on the bright side of life. You can’t find your next love if you are looking down at the floor!

Do you think being independent in the summer can be a good thing by following these pieces of dating advice? Let us know in the comments below!