Cupid's Pulse Article: Five Ways To Cope With A Relationship Breakdown Just Like The CelebsCupid's Pulse Article: Five Ways To Cope With A Relationship Breakdown Just Like The Celebs

Yes, the title of this post might be a little confusing. After all, celebrities aren’t exactly known for being calm and mature in the face of a celebrity relationship breakdown! However, there are lessons to be learned, because unlike the rest of us, celebrity couples have to move on, or everyone would kind of notice. There are loads of steps you have to take after a break-up, but you can also take it in small chunks. Not handling things the right way and assessing your situation properly can lead to trust issues, according to The Circle, which is unlikely to help you in the future.

So, where do you go from here? Let your famous favorites help you out with some relationship advice:

1. Have Some Distractions.

If you’re sitting moping and thinking about what went wrong, you’re never going to get over it, which won’t bode well for the future. When a celebrity breaks up, do you notice that they throw themselves into other things? Whether it’s their work, charity launches or a vacation, they’re forever being snapped by the paparazzi loving life. It’s easier for them to regain their life, and it can also work for you.

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2. Get Therapy.

To be honest, life can be rough, and when you’re living that life in the public eye, who can blame you for wanting to talk it out? Non-celebrities get therapy as well, and it’s a really useful thing to help work through your problems. Mental health issues can be brought about by bad breakups, and they’re serious. One in four people in any given year go through mental health problems, and they’re the leading cause of disability and disease burden worldwide. There is help out there!

3. Be Seen With Someone New.

Now, we wouldn’t recommend a rebound relationship, but there’s no harm in being seen flirting with a new good-looking stranger after some initial time has passed. Celebrities are doing it all the time, teasing us being snapped with a mystery man or woman. Providing you’re not using anyone or hurting them – or yourself – it’s all a bit of harmless fun. Don’t obsess over making someone jealous, though, it’s all a little juvenile. But just enjoy yourself!

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4. Stay Classy In Public.

You’ll notice that a lot of celebrities won’t trash talk their exes. When asked in interviews, they’ll give a forced smile, and come out with some PR jargon along the lines of “it was mutual” or “we just didn’t see eye to eye, but we’re working on being friends”. Unless someone has done something to you which is illegal or abusive, it’s best to stay private and dignified about your problems, especially on social media.

5. Work On Yourself.

Whether you’re to blame, or they’re to blame, there’s always room for self-growth. Celebrity couples often do this by working on a hot new body or investing in killer outfits. But, you can also do it by improving your karma by volunteering or something else as well. Working on the issues which lead to the breakdown will help you!

What are some other ways to cope with a relationship breakdown? Share your thoughts below.