Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 7 Things We All Learn from Our First LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 7 Things We All Learn from Our First Love

By Josh Ringler

Do you remember your first relationship? You probably do because there are things that everyone learns from their first love, relationship, and crush. While some things are obvious, there are other things we learn that are not always that clear-to-see.  Celebrity couples always talk about their first love, first relationship, and those feelings they got from the time together. If you are heading into your first serious relationship, one where you think you’ve found love, be ready to learn! If you are sadly overcoming a recent heart break, use these seven pieces of relationship advice as a means to see that there will be hope in the future!

These pieces of relationship advice teach you to value the lessons learned from your first love.

1. What love feels like: Everyone talks about love and what it feels like to them, but love is different for everyone. Of course, each relationship is different, and that is a great thing. A great piece of relationship advice is that the more unique your love is, the better chance it has at lasting longer! Your first true love will give you an idea of what love feels like and you’ll see how that will make you feel.

2. How a relationship works: While not every relationship can be a good example of how a relationship works, usually your first love is one that you hold dear to your heart, and one that allows you to learn about the ins and outs of being part of a couple. A great piece of dating advice is to incorporate the positives you have learned in this first serious relationship and use them to make the next one even better.

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3. What you like: There are some things in a relationship you will really like and be happy about. Some things are specific to who you are dating, but more often than not, some things in a relationship are just typical. If you like weekday date nights, then maybe that is something that continues. If you love going on spontaneous romantic getaways for a night, continue that as well. It is important that you are happy, as well as your partner!

4. What you don’t like: Not everything in your first (or probably any) relationship will be perfect. There will be things you will realize don’t fit your expectations for a relationship, or some parts of it that just rub you the wrong way. This lesson could actually be the reason for your relationship’s downfall. Communicate about the things you don’t like, and it will all be okay in the future!

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5. Good date ideas: One of the best parts of a first love is trying to think of cute, romantic, and loving date ideas. Now, you almost certainly had ideas that didn’t work, but the good news is you won’t have to repeat those! There are of course some dates that will just fall flat, and who you bring with on the date definitely has a determination in that outcome. Learning what dates can be really fun and romantic is a great way to improve your relationship skills in the future.

6. Who you are: Every relationship should teach you something about yourself. Whether it is solidifying feelings or realizing an unknown skill or trait, relationships are a great way to learn more about who you are and what you can be. Maybe you’re a great relationship partner, or maybe you need some work — either way you learned this in your relationship!   

7. How to make someone fall for you: Falling in love may have been easier for you than for your partner, and you may have realized you were putting in a lot of effort to make them fall for you. Then, it paid off and the two of you fell deeper in love with each other, and the relationship soared to new heights. Certainly, your first love will be your first experience with something like this, and it will be extremely helpful for your future. Learning about falling in love and making someone realize their love for you will help you with every relationship down the road!

Did you learn these concepts with your first love? Or did we miss something we should have included? Let us know in the comments!