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Date Ideas: Have a Snow Day With Your Man

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: Have a Snow Day With Your Man
Couple making snow angels. Photo: XiXinXing /
Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: Have a Snow Day With Your ManCupid's Pulse Article: Date Ideas: Have a Snow Day With Your Man
By Samantha Mucha. Updated by Josh Ringler 

Don’t let a snow storm keep your dating life on lock down during the frigid winter months. Bundle up this December and take on a blizzard with one of our winter date ideas! Grab your winter jacket, warmest gloves and scarf. Don’t huddle together indoors – you lovebirds have a snow man to build!

Have fun in the snow with our winter date ideas!

Remember the days when you would get irrationally psyched about a snow storm?  As a child, we saw it as an adventurous challenge.  If you and your partner are up for it, it can be just like the old times all over again. Get a good stretch beforehand though because you probably aren’t as nimble as you used to be. These winter date ideas require some physical energy so be ready!

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If you have a driveway, have a shoveling race with your partner. Don’t be kind, go hard and see who actually wins. The loser makes the hot cocoa, and gives the winner a luxurious back massage (but that’s for later on.) Having little competitions can be so fun and increase your motivation to win!

When the hard stuff is all taken care of, tackle your sweetheart into a pile of snow and make snow angels.  Maybe you can even head into the woods, a park, or the neighborhood and take a stroll through a freshly powdered winter wonderland.

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Last, but not least, build a snowman.  As a child, it always seemed to be a challenge to make the perfect snowman.  As an adult it can be your personal contest to create the perfect snow buddy, carrot nose and all! A good piece of dating advice is to keep things fresh and exciting, and a snowman contest could be the perfect way to do that!

Once your gloves are soaked and your nose is runny from the cold, call it quits and retire back inside.  Take off all those wet snowy clothes, heat up the cocoa and hit the couch for a movie to watch your favorite celebrity couples in your most beloved rom-com.  After a long day in the harsh winter weather what could be better than getting cozy with your lover?

What did you and your partner do in the snow for fun?  Tell us below. 

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