Cupid's Pulse Article: Top 10 Romantic Winter GetawaysCupid's Pulse Article: Top 10 Romantic Winter Getaways

By Abbi Comphel and Linda Guma

On December 22nd, the first official day of winter is upon us. The sun begins to rise late and set early, which can lead to some minor winter blues. As you start to go stir crazy, take this piece of relationship advice to heart, and start planning a romantic getaway for you and your partner. A nice break from the same old routine is probably just what you need to re-ignite a spark in your relationship.

Cupid has some love and relationship advice on where to escape with your loved one this season:

1. Tampa Bay, Florida: With the winter chills fast approaching, the birds aren’t the only ones heading south this winter. Located along the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay is an ideal destination for a couple vacation. Enjoy long walks along the shore of one of the beautiful beaches, like hot spot Archibald Beach Park, which is often busy on weekends and features restaurants and bathrooms nearby. You can even indulge in your sporty side and check out a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game with your mate.

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2. Montego Bay, Jamaica: With its vibrant reggae, tropical shores, and relaxing atmosphere, there is no doubt that Montego Bay, or “Mo’Bay,” is Jamaica’s center for tourism. You and your partner can adhere to this piece of dating advice and enjoy an array of water sports, from fishing to snorkeling and scuba diving.

3. Riviera Maya, Mexico: With its warm climate, the Riviera Maya an ideal destination to get away from it all with your partner.  Enjoy swimming in the beautiful Caribbean Sea in the city of Tulum, as you gaze at the only archaeological site located near the sea, and then immerse yourself in a rich cultural experience as you discover Maya history.

4. Bangkok, Thailand: Among the most urban and safe cities in Asia is Bangkok.  Known as the hottest city in the world, its coolest period is November to February, so it’s definitely worth checking out at this time of the year.  The city’s diversity and glamour, infused with a romantic ambiance, make it an ideal destination for a couple’s holiday.  Palaces, Buddhist temples, museums, and parks will keep you busy sightseeing during the day, while exotic performances will entertain you at night.

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5. Paris, France: There is something about Paris that continues to entice tourists and celebrity couples alike year after year. Come visit the “city of love” during low season for tourism, and allow yourself to be compelled. Drenched in art and culture, Paris is home to the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Chateau de Versaille, and the Chartres Cathedral. The Seine River is an ideal make-out spot… among many others! Other absolute musts include indulging yourselves in a bottle of wine and a baguette, warming up at a local coffee shop and enjoying a jazz show. You can definitely spot some celebrity couples enjoying their time here!

6. Quebec City, Canada: Winter is a great time to visit Quebec City.  The St. Laurence river freezes, and the streets are covered by a pristine blanket of white, transforming the city into a winter wonderland. These features give the city the charm and glamour that make it the perfect site for a romantic holiday. You and your partner will be amused by ice sculptures, night parades, dance, and music during the Winter Carnival in January and February. These are some perfect date ideas!

7. Kitzbuhel, Austria: Located on the Kitzbuhel Alps, this small medieval town is a truly enchanting location, ideal for sports fanatics. One of Austria’s most famous winter sports resorts, Kitzbuhel offers a wide array of exciting activities that will allow you and your partner to reconnect by skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and hiking together. In the evening, go for a romantic stroll through the picturesque town.

8. Dillon, Colorado: This is another enthralling winter paradise.  You’ll be bedazzled by the glow and sparkle of the Lights Festival throughout December and half of January. Dillon is also home to the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, the highest skiable terrain in North America. Adorned with snow, Dillon offers plenty of great couple’s activities which will allow you and your honey to really unwind.

9. Charleston, South Carolina: This historic city is distinguished by its rich array of churches and museums. Take a romantic horse-drawn carriage tour of the quaint town. There are plenty of relaxing spas, which will make this destination a perfect couple’s retreat. If you head over in February, check out the Oyster Festival.

10. Sun Valley, Idaho: This unique resort city is known as one of the world’s top winter resorts. Its peaceful setting creates the perfect backdrop for a romantic vacation. Spend your days engaging in fun physical activities like cross-country skiing or snowboarding, and during the evening rekindle your passion by a flickering fire place in one of Sun Valley’s many beautiful lodges.

Where do you plan to take your honey this Winter break?  Share your ideas below.