Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 10 Things You’re Over-Analyzing In Your RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 10 Things You’re Over-Analyzing In Your Relationship

By Josh Ringler

There are a lot of good, bad, weird, and typical things going on in your relationship at any given time. There are some components of a relationship that can be analyzed with no harm, and then others that if over-analyzed can have devastating impacts on the relationship, leading to severe problems. Celebrity couples have often times failed because of over-analyzing the wrong things, and we don’t want that to happen to you. Follow these pieces of dating advice to stop over-analyzing the things that you shouldn’t!

These pieces of dating advice dive into the over-analyzed aspects of your relationship to prevent relationship problems!

1. Social media: Whether it is your partner liking an interesting new photo, getting a new friend/follower, or posting an unusual status, don’t let social media create relationship problems for you. Don’t sit around worrying about their latest update, even if it isn’t positive. It could be about school, work or family life!

2. Opinions: With an election coming up, opinions matter. But if you’re a huge Hillary person, don’t let your partner’s possible opposing views get in the way. You shouldn’t over think how they feel because everyone is entitled to an opinion. Let them use their first amendment right, whether it is about politics, celebrity couples, or life choices! Compromising is a great piece of dating advice.

3. Time not together: As a couple, it is obviously okay for you to spend time apart. Instead of assuming the worst, the space between the two of you shouldn’t create any problems. If you over-analyze it, then maybe it will. But, by thinking positive, everything will be fine!

4. Who they are texting: It is common to be worried that there could be someone to replace you and take you out of your partner’s life. While texting can lead to something more, if your relationship is stable and happy, it means nothing. It may be hard to think the optimistic way, but at the end of the day, if you and your partner are together, you shouldn’t be worrying whatsoever!

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5. Partner’s feelings: If you and your partner are together in a long-term relationship, you probably have had doubts about how they feel about you. If they are with you, they care about you and love you. Don’t believe what others say about your partner. Thinking otherwise could just undermine your feelings.

6. Your own doubts: A really good piece of relationship advice is to believe in your feelings and to not doubt yourself. While it is natural to have feelings that things may not last, you shouldn’t treat every one of these as a reason to end it with your partner. If you are into your loved one and wants things to work, they will as long as you don’t over think it!

7. Fights: If you and your partner fight, that could indicate a major relationship problem, but if it is a rare occurrence, or over very trivial things, you shouldn’t get worked up about them. It is true that they aren’t good for your relationship and could turn toxic, but if there are few of them, you should not think about them to the point where you get tired of your partner.

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8. The past: Every relationship has their share of past problems, whether it be in the current one or it’s a past bad experience. While it is important to be like Blake Shelton and learn from your mistakes in order to move on, it is also important not to dwell on the subject. Why should your partner date you if all you think about is your previous partner or problems in your relationship from months ago?

9. The present: If things at the moment aren’t the best, do not fear. It is completely natural for a relationship to hit high points and low points. If you are in one of those low points at the moment, but still feel the sparks and the connection, don’t give up! Things can happen that are out of your control that can paint sadness into your love life, but if you stay determined, there is no reason to call it quits.

10. The future: If you’ve been dating for three months, and you have your whole life planned together with your significant other, stop now. While it is great to be optimistic, you need to be realistic. Don’t over-analyze the future because it could scare your partner away!

 What do you over-analyze in your relationship that we missed? Comment below!