Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: The Pros & Cons of Breaking Up in a Social Media WorldCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: The Pros & Cons of Breaking Up in a Social Media World

By Josh Ringler

Social media has become an essential component to life and love in modern society. However, breaking up can be devastating to your life … and your social media profile. While there are rarely positives in breaking up, looking at celebrity couples for insight, and our friends’ relationships, we can see that there are some pros and cons of breaking up in a social media world. Below are some pieces of relationship advice about breaking up in this highly-connected world.

These pieces of relationship advice highlight the pros and cons of ending things in a social media society.

Pro: Friend support: A great aspect of social media is the ability to stay connected. Maybe your best friend lives far away, or a close cousin doesn’t always talk to you. Well, social media connects you all. A key piece of relationship advice is to have a support network to fall back on should things go bad or problems arise in the relationship. Whether you are part of one of those celebrity couples that get thousands of fan support after a celebrity break-up or just a person who gets a few direct messages from your friends, nearly-instant friend support is a really amazing part of today’s social media world. 

Con: Wiping the plate clean:  Getting rid of all the photos, wall posts, and other social media interactions can really be a drag, and can be really sad. You’re forced to see the loving moments and the cute things the two of you may have said to each other. While it takes a lot of time, it is definitely the emotional toll that makes this part of ending it in a social media world one of the hardest aspects. Do this soon after your relationship ends, when the feelings are still close to your heart. Don’t wait weeks; that is just you asking for more emotional torture, which probably won’t help your feelings. A good piece of love advice would be to have a best friend sit with you and do this for you.

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Pro: Unlimited options: While it may be a bummer to remove all of those interactions with your partner from your multiple profiles and pages, social media does offer plenty of options for you to forget about her/him and to move on. Finding a new profile picture is easy, while there are also ways you can limit your interactions with your new ex. There are plenty of ways to forget about your heart breaker. Try changing your profile picture, your bios, or whatever it takes to make sure you stay happy!

Con: Partner’s presence: The best thing about social media is constant interaction. However, after a break up, you probably don’t want to be reminded of your former partner every second you log into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others. Blocking is always an option, but you should try to be better than that, if you can. I don’t recommend posting things just to make your former partner jealous, but you can really use social media to prove to them how much they lost when they broke your heart! Their presence may always be on social media, but you can use that to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to see what is going on in their life, just be ready for whatever you may see.

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Pro: FYI everyone: Yes, you should be waiting a decent amount of time after a break up before you consider another relationship, but maybe Mr. or Mrs. Right is hiding on your friends or followers list! Deleting all the photos and especially profile pictures is a sign to others that you are available. There is a strong possibility that someone else could be crushing on you, and that they have just been waiting for the right time to talk to you. Well, now is the right time! Who knows, your future marriage partner could be waiting for you right there on your Facebook wall!

 Are you experiencing a break up in a social media world? What pros/cons have you experienced? Comment below!