Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How to Know When to Say ‘I Love You’Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How to Know When to Say ‘I Love You’

By Josh Ringler

Falling in love is the point of every relationship, the goal of every date, and the dream of many. Love is a great thing and will definitely make for a stronger relationship. If you think you are ready to say the most important three words in a relationship, you should consider a few things. Whether it is one of your friends or one of the many celebrity couples, saying it too soon or too late can affect the future of your relationship. Use the relationship advice tips below to determine when it is the right time to say “I love you” and take your relationship to the next level.

These pieces of relationship advice will help you figure out if it is time to say ‘I love you’!

1. Do you feel it?: The first thing you should consider before you say “I love you” is that there should be a legitimate feeling there. A crucial piece of love advice is to really feel sparks when you are with your partner. Sparks are a great sign of things to come. Celebrity couples have been built upon first sparks, and your relationship can be, too. It is hard to describe sparks or the feeling of love, but you’ll know when you feel it. It could be after a few dates, or if you are lucky, maybe instantly. As with anything, a great piece of relationship advice is to give things time, especially when it comes to love and other relationship-advancing steps.

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2. Are you ready?: If you feel it, that is great. The next question is if you are really prepared for what comes after you say “I love you” and after the relationship advances to the next level. An important piece of relationship advice is to make sure you have no lingering feelings from past relationships or doubts in your current one. Look to one of the best celebrity couples today, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Blake did not rush into things, and he only moved swiftly when he was ready. Being ready for the next step is really important for the future success of the relationship. If you feel ready, by all means, go for it!

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3. Do you think your partner is ready?: It is really great if you feel in love or you think you are ready, but being in love is a two way street, and your partner is obviously essential to these feelings. If you think they are ready, you should experience signs. There will be more sparks, things will feel more romantic, more loving, and more passionate. Whether it is a kiss, holding hands, or just a romantic date, you should be able to feel the love. Yes, celebrity couples always talk about it, singers sing about it, and Hollywood makes it seem perfect for the silver screen, but love is real and you can find it!

These pieces of relationship advice will help you determine if you are ready to say ‘I love you’? Did it work for you? Comment below!