Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Summer NightsCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Summer Nights

By Sarah Ribeiro. Updated by Mary DeMaio

There’s something so romantic about summertime.The fresh smell of flowers, the sweet salt from the ocean and all the fun and laughter. Embrace the warm summer nights this weekend with these enjoyable date ideas to do in the dark.

Top Three Summer Night Date Ideas

1. Evening picnic: Find a public park that’s open after sunset, park your car at a scenic location or stay in your own yard. On this date night, bring a lantern, portable music player to set the mood, and two blankets, one to sit on and one to wrap around you if it gets chilly. Pack a simple dinner of late-night snacks, like crackers with cheese, chocolate-covered berries or a baguette and hummus. If you’re in a zoned area, you and your honey can even light a bonfire and roast some marshmallows.

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2. Midnight dance party: Pick an area in your yard and surround it with lights and midnight snacks, like popcorn and chips. Before the party, send your guests a playlist in MP3 format and ask them to bring their music players with them. At the stroke of midnight, have everyone plug in their headphones and hit play for a “silent disco.” You can dance under the stars without worrying about being too loud. Be sure to include a couple slow songs for a few romantic moments — especially if you have single friends who you want to set up.

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3. Movie in the park: You can find park series from California to New York by checking online databases or your local paper. If the park’s too far away, look for a local drive-in theater or make one of your own. Hang a large white blanket on the side of your house, rent a projector and pop in any of your favorite movies to have a private theater in your own backyard. When the date night is over, there’s no need to go inside. Set up a couple of sleeping bags and a tent with a mesh skylight, and fall asleep in your partner’s arms while you stare at the stars.

What’s your favorite late-night date idea? Comment below and let us know.