Cupid's Pulse Article: 10 Cool Summer Date Ideas to Heat Up Your RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: 10 Cool Summer Date Ideas to Heat Up Your Relationship

By Andrew Pryor

It’s a known fact that opposites attract, but even those destined for each other need to find common ground.  So this season, if you can’t stand the heat while your partner is soaking up the sun – or if you’re basking in 100 degree temps while your lover is counting the days to December – try switching things up a bit.  Here are five fiery and five frosty things to do with your significant other this summer:

1. Schedule a hot stone massage for two: Heat is a natural tension reliever, so enjoy this relaxing experience together.  Give your stressed out muscles a rest and take your mind off of your problems, whatever they may be.

2. Indulge in exotic and spicy cuisine: Thai, Indian, Moroccan, Cajun – pick your picante poison and indulge in a fiery mouthful.  Spicy food is an aphrodisiac, so don’t be afraid to stimulate your senses.

3. Throw it on the grill: Whether it’s charcoal or gas, bring some sizzle to your summer with a delicious barbecue.  Cook up a feast, and have an outdoor date together.

4. Light some fireworks: Watching sparks fly and explode across the night sky is the perfect way to ignite the passion in your relationship.  Brighten up your evening with a fireworks display and hope for a bright and engaging future with your loved one.  Just be sure to check whether setting off these bad boys is legal in your state!

5. Catch fireflies in your backyard: Sure it’s a childhood pastime, but sometimes, old traditions are the best ones.  Stumbling around in the twilight, holding hands and grasping at blinking lights is a perfect way to work up a sweat and make great memories.

6. Make homemade ice cream: This is another traditional pastime that deserves to be brought back.  Dump sweet cream and sugar in a bowl and whip up a cool and tasty treat for your sweetheart.  Then sit on the porch and watch the sun set, one hand holding a cone while the other arm is draped around your partner’s shoulder.  How sweet it is indeed!

7. Take a refreshing swim: It’s the greatest way to beat the heat in the summertime – what more needs to be said?  Just try to stay away from crowded public pools and beaches.  Find your own private spot if you can.

8. Keep cool with a water balloon fight: Why not make keeping cool fun?   Instead of standing in front of a fan or sticking your head in a freezer, get your playful aggression out with a water balloon barrage.

9. Celebrate Christmas in July: The summer isn’t known for snowmen and sleigh bells, but you can bring some holiday spirit to a summer climate.  Dig out that plastic tree from the attic, sing carols to each other and exchange gifts ‘just because.’

10. Go skydiving: It’s a radical suggestion, but there’s nothing more invigorating and life affirming than feeling the wind whip past your face while you’re thousands of feet above the ground.  Try it with your loved one and you’ll always have a story to tell your friends.

Do you have any hot or cold weather ideas to stir up a relationship?  Share them with us in a comment below.