Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: How A Masculine Guy Can Get In Touch With His Soft SideCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: How A Masculine Guy Can Get In Touch With His Soft Side

By David Wygant

Are you one of those guys who thinks getting in touch with your soft side makes you a wimp? Do you feel like you’re a wussy if you get in touch with your soft side and actually show people that you have a heart? Well, let me tell you something: I’ve been the masculine guy my whole life and I can honestly say I’ve got a soft side. I’m proud of it. Now granted, I’m probably not the guy who’s going to go and build the barbeque grill, put furniture together, or say, put a car up on jacks and change the oil myself. But, I’ve always been a man. I don’t really cry at anything. And when I do cry at a sappy movie, I make sure no one sees me doing it. Without our soft sides, we’re really out of balance and when we’re out of balance, a woman’s not going to show up in our life. Have you ever heard the term ‘being a big mush’? Well, in my experience as a relationship expert, being a big mush is actually a pretty good thing. I like to be a big mush. I think being a big mush is really important. And if you want my dating advice, I think a lot of people need to really start understanding that that’s what a true, masculine man is all about.

Dating Advice: Embrace Your Soft Side to Make Deeper Connections

When I’m with my daughter, I’m a big mush. I’m very connected to her. I’m connected to her and understand her needs, wants and desires. When I’m out with a woman on a date night and I’m listening to her, I tend to be a big mush. I want to hear what she’s all about. But I do so in a very masculine way. I do it so she feels safe, secure, protected and honored. So how do you go about getting in touch with that soft side? Well, it’s simple. My dating advice: You allow yourself to feel. It’s a good thing to feel. It’s great to admit that you feel something.

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It’s great to admit that you feel connected to the sensitive side of yourself. I strongly suggest that you spend some time really thinking about what makes you emotionally happy, and spend some time trying to really understand that it’s good to feel. Spend time looking at your kids, if you have them. Spend time looking at the people in your life, right down to things that really make you feel. It’s not good just to be a masculine ape, over and over again. It will cause you many relationship problems. That’s what I think about opening yourself up and being a more sensitive kind of guy.

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