Cupid's Pulse Article: Pitch Perfect: Skylar Astin Says Celebrity Wedding Will Happen This YearCupid's Pulse Article: Pitch Perfect: Skylar Astin Says Celebrity Wedding Will Happen This Year

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Dena Linzer

Fans smiled, laughed, and adored him in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, where the charming Skylar Astin melted our hearts alongside Anna Kendrick. But the aca-awesome news revealed during our exclusive celebrity interview last week was that the two love birds plan to tie the knot before years end! Astin spoke to us about his celebrity wedding and discussed his career and his partnership with

Celebrity Interview: Skylar Astin Talks Career and Upcoming Celebrity Wedding

While planning a wedding may be stressful to some, the New York City native says he and Camp want to have a “very unique and very relaxed” wedding, where everything is calm, cool and collected. The Pitch Perfect stars have been together since June 2013 and announced their celebrity engagement in January 2016. While the duo doesn’t know the exact date, Astin confirms the pair will tie the knot by the end of the year. The wedding planning is going well and the two are having fun putting together what Astin calls “the best, most meaningful party of your life.” Heartthrob and talented singer, Astin is just as sweet off screen as his on-screen character, Jesse in Pitch Perfect. He thinks of his celebrity wedding to Anna Camp as “our own love story.”

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When it comes to Astin’s career, the star has a packed schedule, between his upcoming series and movies. But this is exactly what Astin wants. “I love being busy,” he shares. He feels fortunate to be at the height of his career. Astin is entertaining on the big screen and on the stage as well, with his experience on Broadway. The star says that he enjoys both while explaining that the beauty of working on Broadway is that you have the freedom to change your character each night.

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The charismatic actor and singer also sees the importance in charity work. “Since I actually have a voice, I want to use it for good things,” he says. Using his voice, Astin has partnered with to provide eco-friendly travel. is an express bus service that goes to 120 cities, transporting 81 passengers in a comfortable double decker bus. For their 10th anniversary, is partnering with Arbor Day Foundation to plant 10,000 trees along their bus routes. They also have a Green Road initiative where they are educating their drivers on driving in an eco-friendly way.

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