Cupid's Pulse Article: Are Former Celebrity Couple Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid Getting Back Together?Cupid's Pulse Article: Are Former Celebrity Couple Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid Getting Back Together?

By Cortney Moore

In exciting celebrity news, Courteney Cox was spotted with her ex-fiance Johnny McDaid on Easter Sunday. This celebrity couple split in Nov. 2015, but according to a source from, the pair may have reignited a spark after spending time with each other recently. A representative of Cox said, “They really care about each other and they are spending time together,” in regards to the celebrity relationship.

We’re excited to see if this former celebrity couple will reconcile! How do you know whether to give your ex a second chance?

Cupid’s Advice:

It can be hard getting over an ex, and sometimes you just don’t want to. Depending on the reason for the break-up, it might not be a bad idea to give it another shot. Cupid is here to offer dating advice on whether you should get back together with your ex:

1. Ask questions: Before contacting your ex to declare your undying love, you need to ask yourself the tough questions and figure out why you want to be with this person. Did things end badly? Will things be different this time around?

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2. Make a move: Once you have decided whether or not your ex is worth pursuing, reach out to them. This is the only sure way to find out if their feelings are mutual. If they feel the same way it can be the start of something new.

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3. Evaluate the situation: After contacting your ex, make a judgement call on whether it is safe to resume a relationship. Are they still the same person you broke up with? Is there room for compromise to make this work? You need to be absolutely sure of your decision to avoid wasting anymore time on the same person.

Have you ever given an ex another chance? How did it work out for you? Share your experience in the comments below!