Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Is Spring the Time for a New Fling?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Is Spring the Time for a New Fling?

By Samantha Mucha and Jessica DeRubbo

Now that the winter slump is over, Valentine’s Day is long gone and the holidays are a thing of the past, it’s time to add some excitement to your love life. Perhaps a fling is just what you need! Consider this dating advice, and allow yourself to relax and let loose with spring fever this season, because change can lead to positive alterations in your life.

Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to decide if you’re ready for a spring fling:

1. You’re tired of your daily routine:  Doing the same thing every day is tedious and tiresome.  Adding some romance to your life may be a piece of relationship advice to really focus on. Work, the gym and your girlfriends will still be there for you no matter what, so take some time to meet a new cutie. You might meet your sweetheart at the gym or while grabbing drinks with the ladies this weekend.  Whatever the activity may be, open yourself up to new opportunities.

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2. You just got out of a relationship: Coming out of a relationship after months or years of relationship problems is full of tears, stress and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. If this sounds like you, then it is most likely not the best time to jump into a spring fling. That does not mean you should turn down every opportunity that comes your way. If you are going to dive head first into a new fling, make sure you’ve sorted through your options and have chosen someone you can actually see yourself with, not the first guy to buy you a drink at the bar.

3. Your busy level: Staying late at the office on Friday nights can majorly interfere with your love life. If work is your first priority, a new romance is most likely not on your to-do list. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If you love your work and that is what is making you happy right now, then by all means, more power to you.  That said, if you’re sick and tired of working day and night, a new relationship is exactly what you need to brighten your life and keep you from 80 hour work weeks.

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4. The right person: Is the guy you’ve been chatting up to your girlfriends the same cutie you were talking about two days ago? If your love interest seems to be changing on the regular, then you are probably not ready for a relationship. Finding the right person is a challenge, but when you do, it will be a challenge well worth it. So ladies, stop falling for the same tricks, and find the guy who doesn’t say “you’re the happiest thing about happy hour,” because we have all heard that before.

5. Emotional security: Think about your emotional status the past few months. If it has been full of downs, and few ups, then you need to make sure you are ready to handle someone else in your life. If you are finding it challenging just to deal with your own life, then taking on someone else’s may not be the wisest of choices. However, if you feel content, but maybe not your best, a steamy spring fling could be what takes you to the high road.

How did you know it was time for a spring fling?  Share your stories below.