Cupid's Pulse Article: How About We…Find a Date This SpringCupid's Pulse Article: How About We…Find a Date This Spring

After spending three months bundled up inside the house and sitting in front of the fireplace, why wouldn’t you be thrilled when spring finally arrives?  The best part about this time of the year isn’t just the warm weather or the endless places to visit – there’s tons of new people spending time outdoors.  If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find The One while soaking up the sun’s rays.

Since it can be difficult to find a date, suggests these five easy tips to successfully land a date this spring:

1. Ladies, ask guys out: Men and women are asking one another out at equal rates, and in fact, ladies are at a slight advantage.  Dates proposed by women get an average of 5.8 responses each, while men get about 5.5.  Gals, the odds are in your favor, so use ’em to your advantage!

2. Be specific: Dates that involve doing a particular, such as eating at a specific restaurant or doing a specific activity, are 40 percent more successful than ambiguous date ideas.  Here’s an example: “How about we try and complete a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle while sampling one of Gorilla Coffee’s famous maple lattes?”  See – easy!

3. Plan ahead: Wednesday is the best day to ask someone out on a date.  The worst day to propose a date?  Sunday.

4. Keep it short: A date idea that gets communicated in 120-140 characters is ideal, so keep it to the length of a tweet.

5. Two-part dates have the most success: Sixty percent of the most responded-to dates are two-fold: a short, active first part followed by a more intimate second location.  Here’s an example: “How about we practice our swings at the driving range then get some slices at my favorite brick-oven pizza joint – it’s just a few blocks away.” is a dating site that focuses on helping members find a compatible mate by getting them away from a computer screen and actually going on a date.  Unlike other online dating sites, where you find potential partners by looking through someone’s profile, allows you to suggest an ideal date and connect with those who share your interest.  If you don’t have a preference, then scroll through a list of dates suggested by others and see which of them fit you best.  You can invent dates or browse them, then ask people out, going on the types of dates that match your interests.

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