Cupid's Pulse Article: Baby Fever: Dress and Wrap Your Child in Celebrity Style with These Comfortable & Cozy ProductsCupid's Pulse Article: Baby Fever: Dress and Wrap Your Child in Celebrity Style with These Comfortable & Cozy Products

This post is sponsored by The Feltman Brothers and The Ollie World.

By Mary DeMaio

The Feltman Brothers and The Ollie World bring you the softest, most comfortable and stylish fashion and swaddles for your baby. The Feltman Brothers offer a number of options, from durable newborn pieces to cost-conscious toddler outfits. Your baby will have celebrity style in no time. You and your partner will love dressing your little sweetheart and may even cause you to catch baby fever (again). The new line is eco-friendly and is made from cotton from Peru. The Ollie World offers a chic designed swaddle line, The Nature Collection, in which lovely pastel colors are sleep inducing and calming for your little one. Both products are a celebrity style must-have this season!

Celebrity Style: Keep your baby trendy and comfortable in these new collections.

With the new collections from The Feltman Brothers and The Ollie World, the perfect baby essentials are right at your fingertips. In the Pima Cotton Collection from the Feltman Brothers, your child will have everything from blankets, to hats and rompers. With this collection, the Peruvian cotton is made to last over multiple wearings and washings.

“Feltman’s provides the world with authentic and timeless fashion for babies in classic tradition,” states the website. “This reputation is the result of a strong commitment to quality, incomparable fabrics, exclusive designs, and attention to detail.”

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As for The Ollie World, their new Nature Collection is sure to help comfort your baby to sleep. Not only because of the softness of their fabrics, but because of the lavender, sky, nest, and stone colors.

They offer a variety of swaddle options featuring the “Ollie Swaddle,” which keeps your baby tightly bundled while regulating their temperature. Using Ollie swaddles help babies stay comfortable and cool, and reduces the risk of overheating. It also allows for quick access to diaper changes and is made to grow with your baby through important transitional stages, while supporting them as they hit significant developmental milestones. If baby fever strikes again, you will be all set with the Ollie Swaddle.

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Both of these unique lines will have your child dressed in fashionable celebrity style from head to toe, and kept comfortably cozy during nighttime and naps. The only issue you will have is deciding which colors to choose from!

For more information, check out The Feltman Brother’s and The Ollie World’s websites.