Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘The Bachelor’ Features Planes, Train (Wrecks), and Hot TubsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘The Bachelor’ Features Planes, Train (Wrecks), and Hot Tubs

By Emily Hoff

It’s only week three of The Bachelor and this season does not disappoint. This episode had planes, train (wrecks), and not automobiles but hot tubs. As per usual, the reality TV show was full of drama and also unexpected moments that you didn’t see coming. Week three was also full of emotional and personal moments from the ladies and also from Ben Higgins himself. In the latest celebrity news, Ben decided to take Lauren B. and Jubilee for individual one-on-one dates. He took Amanda, Hayley, Jennifer, Amber, Jami, Rachel, Lauren H., Olivia, Lace, Emily, Leah and Shushanna on a group date.

Ben was very romantic with his one-on-one dates where he took Lauren B. and Jubilee on airplane rides, scandalous hot tub adventures, and romantic dinners. Both dates seemed to go extremely well and were very intimate and personal. For the group date he took the girls out to play soccer. Later on in the episode, Ben gets personal telling the girls two people close to his family have died in a plane crash. The girls try to take advantage of the situation by consoling Ben. Some of it works in their favor, but for others it did not. Lauren B. and Jubilee were given roses on their dates, however Shushanna and Jami were not so lucky and were sent home. Then, Lace decided to leave the show, saying she needs to love herself (Hello, Justin Bieber), how sad…

This week I will be discussing the celebrity news, the three girls who were vital to this episode and whether they click with Ben and are here to stay or go.

Celebrity News: Who Went on Individual Dates and Who Got Sent Packing

Lauren B.

She’s a flight attendant and loves to travel the world. From the very start I’ve been obsessed with this girl. Maybe it’s just because I relate to her or she seems to be the only sane one on the show, but I truly think Ben should marry her. Ben even ask Lauren B. how a boy has not settled down with her yet.

Stay or Go: STAY! I think she’ll make it to the final rose ceremony. Ben is very into her and I think this is the girl he’s going to propose to. If he doesn’t then I think he clearly made a mistake.

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Jubilee gets very personal with Ben this episode, telling him that her whole family died. Ben consoles her and says that he likes that Jubilee has many layers to her (is this a Shrek reference?). When Ben shares what’s going on with his family, Jubilee steps in and gives Ben a massage. This irritates the girls because she already got a rose and is taking away time from other girls. I think this mostly irritates the girls because they see how big of a threat Jubilee is.

Stay or Go: Stay for a little while. The drama with other girls might ruin her chances with Ben, and as much as she shared a personal story with Ben, I didn’t really see a connection.

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I think now that Lace decide to leave the show, Olivia has now taken on the role of the crazy girl. Even though the girls are mean to her, making fun of her toes and bad breathe, that’s no reason to act crazy. She says that Ben is into her because he touches her leg and that’s a cue that he likes her better than the other girls. She also keeps stealing Ben away and when Ben shares his personal news, she steals him away to talk to him about her legs, and starts crying. Ben says this is something he does not want to hear right now.

Stay or Go: She will stay, but not for a while just like Jubilee. She seems like she has a crazy and jealous personality so I don’t see her making it to the final rose ceremony.

Monday come soon please because we can’t wait to see the drama that entails on the episode next week.

The Bachelor airs on ABC on Mondays at 8/7c. Check back next week for our recap!