Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Ben Higgins Throws It Back To High School For First Dates On ‘The Bachelor’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Ben Higgins Throws It Back To High School For First Dates On ‘The Bachelor’

By Emily Hoff

After America fell in love with Ben Higgins‘ beautiful smile, and stunning personality during The Bachelor season 20 premiere, fans of the reality TV show (including myself) couldn’t wait to catch up with the celebrity news surrounding the next episode. And the following episode did not disappoint. Just like the premiere, the second episode, which aired last night, was full of twist and turns. The ladies also brought plenty of drama in their attempts to win Ben’s heart. In this episode, the ladies got to go on their first dates with Ben. The dates consisted of going back to high school, sharing a hot tub, Ben sniffing them at one point, and cocktail parties. Of course, the dates were extremely creative, which meant that Ben got to see the true personalities of the contenders.

As Ben saw their true personalities, he clicked with some of the contestants and others not so much. With that comes handing out some girls roses and some being sent home. Ben sent home Sam Passmore, Jackie Dion, and Mandi Kremer. In addition, Lauren Barr decided to leave the show. “You see people with different personalities that he’s really connecting with and it makes you question your own personality,” she told the camera. “You over think things. Comparing and over thinking is what you do,” she added according to Sticking with the high school theme, I decided to give out superlatives to ladies who had a great impact on this episode and if they should stick around or go.

Celebrity News: Which Bachelorette’s Should Stay or Go on Season 20 of ‘The Bachelor’

Most likely to get into a fight: Lace

If you watched the premiere last week, then you know this girl is just trouble. Last week she blamed her personality on being drunk, but that was clearly a lie. Lace keeps saying that there’s such a big connection with her and Ben, interrupts dates, and is constantly starting drama on the show.

Stay or Go: I think she should stay for a while, if only because she makes good television, however I think she’s no match for Ben. I don’t know how she is still sticking around the show.

Most likely to kiss and tell: Jennifer

In the latest celebrity news, Jennifer and Ben had their first kiss. Ben seems to really like her; he said he wouldn’t kiss anyone tonight, so from my viewpoint that means he’s really into her. However, after Jennifer and Ben kiss, she tells the ladies and of course this aggravates Lace.

Stay or Go: I think Jennifer could stick around for a while since Ben kissed her right away. Maybe even a contender for the final rose?

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Most likely to wear an itsy-bitsy teeny bikini: Caila

Caila, whose one-on-one date took place in the hot tub, included guest appearances from Ice Cube and Kevin Hart who were promoting their film Ride Along 2 and giving some laughs to the audience.

Stay or Go: Here to stay and maybe another contender for the final rose. Ben gets deep with her and talks about how he’s unlovable. Also, the steamy date is a great sign for Caila.

Most likely to not use deodorant: Sam

Ben made the ladies run on the treadmill and then sniffed them to determine if he was attracted to them or not. He told Sam she smelled sour. Ouch!

Stay or Go: Unfortunately Sam must have been too smelly to stay, as Ben did not give her a rose.

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Most likely to just get a bouquet of roses: Olivia

Olivia gets this title as she was given the first impression rose last week from Ben, and then this week got the group date rose.

Stay or Go: She will probably be here for a while if she keeps getting all of the roses from Ben.

We are so excited to see what happens next week and see which ladies stay or go!

The Bachelor airs on ABC on Mondays at 8/7c. Check back next week for our recap!