Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Mob Wives’ Reality TV Star Renee Graziano Says She’s “Dating and Enjoying Being Spoiled Like a Princess”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Mob Wives’ Reality TV Star Renee Graziano Says She’s “Dating and Enjoying Being Spoiled Like a Princess”

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Emily Hoff.

After five mob-tastic seasons, the VH1 reality TV show Mob Wives will be coming to an end. The series sixth and final season premiered last week on Wednesday, January 13th. In our exclusive celebrity interview, we got the latest scoop on the drama from Renee Graziano, one of the original cast members. She reveals why she didn’t want to film the show and opens up about her friendship with Natalie Guercio and her relationship and love life!

Reality TV Star Renee Graziano Talks Final Season of Mob Wives in Celebrity Interview

We can’t believe it’s already the last season of the show! What do you hope to leave viewers with during the final season?

I would like to leave viewers with the knowledge that they can also work through adversity and overcome obstacles. Never give up.

What will you miss most about the show?

The paycheck!

We saw Natalie Guercio tweeted at you with her best wishes after you were reportedly hospitalized over the summer, despite altercations you two have had in the past. What is your relationship with Natalie now?

I acknowledged that she did that, but we’re not friends and never will be. That ship has sailed.

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There was some speculations that you would be leaving the show due to health concerns. Were you really debating about filming this season?

I had let the bullshit get the best of me for a minute, which caused me to want to leave. However, I am back in the saddle and happily riding off into the sunset.

Is it true you stopped filming mid-show because of drama with Drita?

Absolutely not. I have nothing to do with the Drita drama for once.

What made you decide to stay on the show?

I started with my sister and will finish with my sister because that’s what family does.

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Can we be expecting to see you on the small screen again? Any spin-offs in the making?

You’ll definitely be seeing me in a few other productions. So stay tuned — I’ll be letting fans know shortly.

Is there currently someone special in your life? If so, can we expect to see them on the show?

I still haven’t found Mr. Right. However, I am dating and enjoying being spoiled like a princess…but not a mob princess this time around!

What relationship advice would you give other single mothers on the dating scene?

Don’t bring strangers around your kids until you’re 100 percent sure it’ll work.

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What would be your perfect date night?

My perfect date night is ordering takeout and watching a great movie, all spooned up on the couch together.

Any spoilers you can leave us with for this upcoming season?

I don’t give up secrets!

The last time we met, you had just launched your book Playing with Fire. How did the book do? Any plans to write another?

My book did well. I’m actually meeting with networks to turn it into a series…fingers crossed!

I loved my past celebrity interview with Jenn. How is she doing? She’s such a superstar with all that she’s done and created. 

My sister is my inspiration. She’s amazing and has several projects that’ll make you wanna watch more TV, so look out for them! She makes me proud.

Be sure to watch Mob Wives on Wednesday’s at 8 p.m. on VH1! Stay tuned for our upcoming interviews with Mob Wives stars Brittany Fogarty and Drita D’Avanzo!