Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Mob Wives’ Star Renee Graziano on New Book, Possible Spin-Off Reality TV Show and Dating Italian Men!Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Mob Wives’ Star Renee Graziano on New Book, Possible Spin-Off Reality TV Show and Dating Italian Men!

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Video by Damian Kolodiy.

Last Wednesday, Apr. 9, Executive Editor Lori Bizzoco met up with Mob Wives reality TV star Renee Graziano at Barnes and Noble in Tribeca to discuss her new book Playing with Fire. Describing the novel as “loosely based” on her own life, she explains in our celebrity video interview that she has stacks of notebooks about Reign Grazi, the character who she’s developed since she was young.

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Celebrity Video Interview with Renee Graziano

Of the hero in her book, the author says, “I’ve been searching for this man all of my life.” However, she now knows he doesn’t exist. “But I exist; I’m the hero. I definitely saved myself. I found my hero; now, I’m just looking for a man of his word who’s close to God, has a good heart, loves his family, and wants to build with me.”

Of her current relationship and love life status, the reality TV star reveals that she’s “very much single.” As for whether or not her future partner must be Italian, she says, “Not saying that I wouldn’t, but after my past experiences, I pretty much got turned off to my nationality. The Italian men that I was around didn’t work for me anymore.”

Fans may be surprised to hear that she has a great relationship with her father Anthony Graziano. “We made up over two years ago, and our relationship is amazing,” she shares in our celebrity video interview. However, they don’t discuss anything to do with Mob Wives, and he’ll never read Playing with Fire. Still, she adds, “But he’s my dad — he’s my hero.”

Reality TV Star Talks About Season Four of Mob Wives

Of course, we had to ask the reality TV star about her hit show Mob Wives. When discussing the ups-and-downs of season four, she explains, “I think there was a lot of tension because the new girls felt they had to prove themselves. They’re not New Yorkers, and they’re not of direct descent of that underworld.”

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While Mob Wives has been renewed for season five, Graziano remains mum about whether she’ll be returning to the VH1 series again. There are rumblings of a spin-off show, which she says is “absolutely” a possibility. “I hope it does happen for me,” she admits. “The second I know, everybody else will know! Trust me — that will not be something I’m able to hold in.”

Check out Playing with Fire on Amazon or at your local bookstore. To keep up with Graziano, follow her on Twitter @reneegraziano.

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