Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Justin Theroux Constantly Tells Jennifer Aniston She’s BeautifulCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Justin Theroux Constantly Tells Jennifer Aniston She’s Beautiful

By Kyanah Murphy

This celebrity news will melt your heart. Justin Theroux revealed that he is constantly telling Jennifer Aniston that she’s beautiful, according to, and not for cheesy reasons, either. The celebrity couple plan to keep their relationship private, but it’s easy to see the love between these two when they’re out together! It’s amazing to see their celebrity love towards one another, especially amid all the divorces and break-ups that have been going on.

This celebrity news is heartwarming! What are some ways to make your partner feel special?

Cupid’s Advice:

There’s nothing more incredible than leaving your partner feeling special and loved, as this celebrity news reminds us. Cupid has three tips on how to make your partner feel special:

1. Compliment your partner: It doesn’t have to be about how your partner looks (but you can if you want). You can compliment how they’re handling a task, compliment their skills, or compliment something you notice about them. You have many options to play with.

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2. Do the little things: The little things are the actions that go the furthest. Even if you think it’s something silly like exactly how your partner likes their lunch prepared or exactly how they like their burger from McDonald’s, do it! The fact that you remembered and put in the effort will be cherish (probably forever).

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3. Learn your partner’s love language: That is to say, find out what makes your partner feel the most loved. Are they physical and need to cuddle to know that you love them? Do they prefer your words of love? Or is it something else entirely? Be sure and find out because everybody loves differently!

How do you make your partner feel special? Comment below.