Cupid's Pulse Article: Will Jennifer Aniston Change Her Name Post-Celebrity Marriage to Justin Theroux?Cupid's Pulse Article: Will Jennifer Aniston Change Her Name Post-Celebrity Marriage to Justin Theroux?

By Abbi Comphel

Recently married celebrity couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been receiving questions about whether or not the actress plans to change her last name. According to, following their celebrity marriage in August, Theroux joked around in an interview with Extra, “I made her change both names, so she’s now Justin Theroux.” He also added, “I think ‘Aniston’ is going to stick with her if she likes it or not.” So it’s safe to say that the former Friends star’s well-known moniker will still be around in spite of her recent celebrity marriage! In other news, the famous couple have been enjoying being newlyweds, especially with their celebrity honeymoon in Bora Bora.

It doesn’t look like this celebrity marriage is sparking a name change. What are some factors to consider when it comes to changing your name post-marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

Choosing whether or not to change your last name can be difficult. Here are some reasons why you may want to stick with your maiden name:

1. Your last name just fits: If you’re older in age and have had the same name for quite some time, it may sound better to you — and there is nothing wrong with that. Or, like Aniston, you may have a solid career where people have known you by the same name for many years.

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2. It’s a lot of work: Let’s be honest: Changing your name is a hassle! You have to change your driver’s license, credit cards, reward programs, and more. Are you ready and willing to spend the time to do so?

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3. You value your independence: Just because you don’t change your last name doesn’t mean you love your significant other any less. It’s a personal decision and may be a way of keeping a piece of who you are.

What’s your best love advice when it comes to changing your name post-marriage? Comment below!