Cupid's Pulse Article: Royal Celebrity Couple Kate Middleton & Prince William Spend Night Where They First MetCupid's Pulse Article: Royal Celebrity Couple Kate Middleton & Prince William Spend Night Where They First Met

By Katie Gray

Royal celebrity couple Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William have gone back to where it all began! In the latest celebrity news, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a trip to the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. According to, they stayed at five star Old Course Hotel and enjoyed a nice date away from their celebrity babies. This loving pair enjoyed their romantic walk down memory lane!

This royal celebrity couple is taking it back to where it all began. What are some special ways to revisit the place you and your partner met?

Cupid’s Advice:

There’s nothing more sentimental than going back to where you and your partner met. If you don’t live where you met, then make a trip out of it and go there. If it was a bar or restaurant, then go eat there. If it was the park, take a walk around it. If you met in college, then do what the Duke and Duchess did and stay near it and visit:

1. Go there and enjoy a weekend: The first step is to physically go back to where it all began. If you met online, then go to the city or town where you lived when you first started talking, or where your first date happened. Revisit places like restaurants, bars, and coffee shops you frequented, parks you would walk through together, and so on. Recreate one of your favorite dates. Turn it into a weekend getaway, and enjoy!

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2. Share memories: Communication is key to a successful relationship that will last forever. Tell each other what your personal favorite memories are with your partner. Talk to them about what you like about them the most. Share stories and memories, while making more in the process!

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3. Photo shoot: Consider hiring a photographer and having a photo shoot where it all started. Find a nice spot you like in the vicinity, and cherish it for years to come!

What are special ways you and your partner revisited where you met? Let us know below.