Cupid's Pulse Article: Famous Couple Beyonce and Jay-Z Celebrate Her Belated Birthday on a Yacht in ItalyCupid's Pulse Article: Famous Couple Beyonce and Jay-Z Celebrate Her Belated Birthday on a Yacht in Italy

By Katie Gray

Crazy in love! Famous couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently celebrated her birthday on a yacht in Italy. Talk about having a happy BeyDay! The celebrity couple lounged on the yacht and drank champagne. According to, “On her actual birthday, the songstress’ family showered her with love. Blue Ivy gave her an adorable handwritten card, while Jay Z created a musical tribute featuring Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ and messages from her parents, sister Solange, Destiny’s Child bandmates, and other close friends and family, which Beyonce shared on her website.”

This famous couple goes big instead of home! What are some ways to make your partner feel special on his or her birthday?

Cupid’s Advice:

Famous couples are not the only ones who want to make their significant other feel special on their birthday! Taking a cue from celebrity couples like Bey and Jay, it’s best to go big instead of go home! Whether it’s celebrating with loved ones, having a party or finding them the perfect gift, there are plenty of ways to make your partner feel special on their birthday! Cupid has some dating advice:

1. Few of their favorite things: Nothing makes a person feel good as much as being surrounded by their favorite things! A birthday is the perfect occasion to break out a few of your partner’s favorites. Whether that be a particular food and beverage, a candle scent, an activity or a type of flowers, it’s time to step up.

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2. Special surprise: Surprises make people feel special because it shows that people cared enough about them to plan something meaningful in their honor! Plan a surprise dinner or a surprise party for your significant other on their special day. It will make them feel so loved. Remember, it is the thought that counts!

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3. Love: All you need is love! Love is the one thing that every birthday needs to have in spades. Show your partner how much you love them on their birthday. That could mean planning an outing to do together, a special meal to indulge in, making them a card or designing them the perfect gift. It’s the effort that matters, not the cost. Put time and energy into their birthday, and they will see that and feel like a king or queen!

What are some ways you have made your partner feel special on their birthday? Share your stories with us below!