Cupid's Pulse Article: Amanda Seyfried Steps Out After Celebrity Break-Up from Justin LongCupid's Pulse Article: Amanda Seyfried Steps Out After Celebrity Break-Up from Justin Long

By Abbi Comphel

Celebrity couple Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long have called it quits after being together for more than two years. A source told that this celebrity break-up happened a few weeks ago. The source explained, “They had different schedules and different lives, they just grew apart.” These two will now be making solo appearances. It’s too bad this celebrity relationship didn’t work out. They shared a $1.9 million apartment in New York City.

We’re really sad about this celebrity break-up. What are some ways to keep from growing apart as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice: 

It can be challenging to stay together when you both have such difficult schedules and things going on in your life. Cupid has some dating advice on how to stay close even with your busy lives:

1. Date night: Every week you should pick a day to go out and spend with your significant other. No phones, no friends, just you two. Go to the movies, enjoy a nice dinner, or even a romantic walk on the beach!

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2. Surprise one another: Surprise your significant other! For example, when you know they have had a long day at work, take time out of your day to cook them dinner and set up a bubble bath for them! They will surely appreciate it!

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3. Be Happy: Don’t let one another go to sleep mad. Whether you are mad at each other or just after a long day of work, talk things out. Make sure that you both feel content when you go to sleep.

There are many ways to keep a relationship from growing apart! Give some more advice below!