Cupid's Pulse Article: Helena Bonham Carter Breaks Silence on Split from Celebrity Ex Tim BurtonCupid's Pulse Article: Helena Bonham Carter Breaks Silence on Split from Celebrity Ex Tim Burton

By Kyanah Murphy

After nearly a year since their shocking celebrity break-up, Helena Bonham Carter finally spoke out about what this split with Tim Burton has been like. shares that Bonham Carter said she and Burton weren’t meant to last forever, though what they had was a special gift. Celebrity exes Bonham Carter and Burton split on amicable terms and continue to be friends and co-parent together. She also shared that there are some difficulties that the former celebrity couple have faced, such as being on set together for Sweeny Todd, where Burton was the director. Bonham Carter mentions that she’d confuse the situation of Burton being the boss because in their private life, they’re partners. Either way, these celebrity exes seem to be handling their split quite gracefully.

Sometimes celebrity exes can get along! What are some ways to foster a good relationship with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

These celebrity exes set a good example for remaining on friendly terms with one another. Though it’s not always easy, Cupid has some advice on how to keep a good relationship with your ex.

1. Be the example: The old saying “treat others the way you want to be treated” rings true here. Monitor yourself and your behavior and treat your ex as kindly as possible. This should, hopefully inspire your ex to do the same.

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2. Give yourselves some space: You guys have broken up and now you live your lives with minimal interaction with one another. Sync up when needed but live your life independently of your ex. Give each other time to heal and move forward.

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3. Leave the past in the past: Everything that happened in your relationship, including the negatives, are past now. There was nothing you could do about it then and there’s nothing you can do about it now. Make peace with what happened and focus on going forward.

Are you friends with your ex? Share your secrets to success below!