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Jan 4, 2012 3

Celebrity Couples Who Shy Away From the Spotlight

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couples Who Shy Away From the Spotlight
Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Photo: Solarpix / PR Photos

By Whitney Baker

Some celebrity couples flaunt their relationship for the entire world to see, posing for the paparazzi as if they’re at a photo shoot (hello, Kardashian sisters!).  Other couples, regardless of whether they’ve just begun dating or have been married for years, choose to hide from the spotlight and stay mum about the details of their love.  Below are five Tinseltown two-somes who are keeping their lips sealed when it comes to romance:

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Aug 30, 2011 0

Jim Carrey Professes Adoration for Emma Stone in a Video

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Jim Carrey Professes Adoration for Emma Stone in a Video
Jim Carrey and Emma Stone. Photo: Andrew Evans / PR Photos; Charles Norfleet / PR Photos

For actor Jim Carrey, age is only a number.  The Mr. Popper’s Penguins star posted a video on his official website declaring his love for Emma Stone, reports People.  The 49-year-old told Stone, “Emma, I think you’re all the way beautiful.  Not just pretty, but smart and kind-hearted.  And if I were a lot younger, I would marry you.”  Carrey went on to say how he wished he was “the appropriate age”  for Stone so that they could have “chubby little freckle-faced kids.”  Carrey ended his video by stating, ” I think you’re very special and I wish you continued success and artistic fulfillment.  But most of all, I wish you love and contentment.”

How do you tell your partner you love him or her?

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Jul 27, 2011 0

Crazy Stupid Love featuring Steve Carell, Julianna Moore, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

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Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) and his wife Emily (Julianna Moore) live a great life together — that is until she admits she had an affair and wants a divorce.  Now Mr. Weaver is off to play the single world with some help as he plays wingman to Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), a handsome player.  Sure the makeover is helping Weaver play the field, but one thing that didn’t change is his love for Emily.


What are the best ways to handle a break-up?

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Jun 27, 2011 0

Emma Stone Is Dating Spider-Man Co-Star Andrew Garfield

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Emma Stone Is Dating Spider-Man Co-Star Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Photo: Away! / PR Photos

It looks like these co-workers have no problem dating! The Amazing Spider-Man movie brought together an “amazing” spark between co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, according to UsMagazine.com. “They got close during filming and have been hooking up,” said an anonymous source. However, the two seem to want to keep their relationship private. It turns out that Garfield’s recent three-year relationship with actress Shannon Woodward is still a fresh wound. Why not avoid drama if at all possible?

What are the benefits of keeping your new relationship from your ex?

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Oct 18, 2010 0

Emma Stone in Easy A

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In high school, where everyone knows everyone else’s businessEasy A takes an inside look at the ongoing wheels of the rumor mill in a California high school.  Loosely inspired by the novel The Scarlett Letter, protagonist Olive’s (Emma Stone) reputation goes from respectable girl to down-right floozy — in a matter of a week.  What started out as good intentions by accepting gift cards as payment for boosting another student’s reputation around school soon throws Olive’s life and reputation into question.  As one rumor turns into another and that rumor turns into yet another rumor, Olive risks losing her best friend (Alyson Michalka) and secret crush (Penn Badgley).  To set the record straight, Olive decides to go online and tell the world her side of the story, in hopes of redeeming her image and righting her wrongs.

What’s the best way to redeem your image in the eyes of the one you love?

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