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Jun 28, 2019 0

Movie Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home

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By Bonnie Griffin

In the next Marvel installment, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, is trying to get away and spend some quality time with his crush, M.J., but evil has a different idea. He must face a new evil intent on ending the world without the help of the Avengers. Parker is forced to step up and believe in himself. He needs to find his own strength, and face his fears on his own in order to defeat the newest threat to the world’s survival. Check out our movie review.

Check out our movie review on Spider-Man: Far From Home, an action-packed film for the whole family!

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Jun 27, 2011 0

Emma Stone Is Dating Spider-Man Co-Star Andrew Garfield

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Emma Stone Is Dating Spider-Man Co-Star Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Photo: Away! / PR Photos

It looks like these co-workers have no problem dating! The Amazing Spider-Man movie brought together an “amazing” spark between co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, according to UsMagazine.com. “They got close during filming and have been hooking up,” said an anonymous source. However, the two seem to want to keep their relationship private. It turns out that Garfield’s recent three-year relationship with actress Shannon Woodward is still a fresh wound. Why not avoid drama if at all possible?

What are the benefits of keeping your new relationship from your ex?

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Jun 15, 2011 0

The 5 Best Steamy Movie Kisses

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Cupid's Pulse Article: The 5 Best Steamy Movie Kisses
Couple kissing. Photo: HannaMariah / Bigstock.com

By Tanni Deb

From the spaghetti dinner kiss between Lady and the Tramp to John and Savannah’s passionate liplock in Dear John, Hollywood love scenes never fail to make our hearts race.  Although there are plenty of romantic movie kisses that are list-worthy, here are our five favorite onscreen smooches ever:

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