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Feb 1, 2019 0

Movie Review: Night School

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By Lauren Burczyk

If you’re looking for a fresh, witty comedy, then you’re in luck! Night School is the perfect movie to watch when you’re looking for a “pick me up.” This fun, original flick stars Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. Teddy, played by Hart, is a high school dropout desperate for a good job so that he can continue to impress his fiancée, an architect, who is unaware of his actual situation. His good friend promises him a position as a financial analyst if he goes back to school and completes his GED. The fun starts when Teddy meets his night school teacher, Carrie, played by Haddish, who’s determined to get Teddy to pass his exam. Teddy finds out that keeping night school a secret from his fiancée is much harder than he could have imagined. Read Cupid’s movie review to find out just how funny this film is!

Night School is the perfect comedy that shows what not to do in a relationship. 

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Oct 11, 2018 0

Relationship Advice: Will Your Perfect Partner Vision Become Reality?

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Will Your Perfect Partner Vision Become Reality?
Tiffany Haddish. Photo:

By Dr. Jane Greer

Some people refer to it as the Soulmate List, others as the Love List. Whatever you call it, there is a popular trend being used by many hopeful romantics in which people write down the traits they hope to find in a mate – anything from handsome to well-read to empathetic – with the belief that putting it out there will allow the universe, or whatever entity might grant true love, to conjure it up. In fact, Tiffany Haddish dished about her “dream guy” having everything from cooking skills to excellent credit to beautiful hands. While it’s nice to fantasize about the ideal companion, the reality is we all have flaws and imperfections. And the later in life you meet, the more likely each person has baggage from former relationships and life experiences, which can sometimes include previous marriages or even children.

So, the question becomes, is the practice of creating a perfect partner on paper leading you closer to or further from your goal?

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