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Oct 30, 2013 5

Maggie Scarf Breaks Down Unique Family Dynamics in ‘The Remarriage Blueprint’

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Maggie Scarf Breaks Down Unique Family Dynamics in ‘The Remarriage Blueprint’

Interview by Gabriela Robles. Editorial by Kristin Mattern.

Maggie Scarf, New York Times bestselling relationship expert, fellow of Yale University, and member of the advisory board of the American Psychiatric Press, shares with readers in-depth stories of seven remarried couples in her newest book, The Remarriage Blueprint. Though almost 40 percent of new marriages in the United States are remarriages, little has been written about the unique challenges that these couples face. Scarf has dealt with the subjects of divorce and remarriage for over thirteen years, and with this book, she delves into the core of the five major challenges remarried couples will confront as they work towards becoming a unified family: the impact of insider/outsider forces, the losses children face, the task of parenting, the unification of disparate family cultures, and the extension of family boundaries. Through interviews, the author touches on the every day difficulties of combining families, such as stepparenting, household routines, exes, alone time, and finances. She explores what works and what doesn’t and reveals the complications of remarriage.

We recently talked to Scarf about this must-read book.

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