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Feb 8, 2011 0

Jane Lynch Admires Wife’s Bikini Bod

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Jane Lynch Admires Wife’s Bikini Bod
Lara Embry and Jane Lynch. Photo: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

Glee star Jane Lynch showed her appreciation for her wife Lara Embry at an Entertainment Weekly, according to People.  The actress, who embodies outspoken Sue Sylvester on Fox’s hit show, admitted that she loves seeing Lara Embry in a bikini.  But, Gleeks won’t be catching Jane Lynch in a midriff baring swimming suit anytime soon.  “She wears bikinis — not me,” said Lynch.  That said, hot-tubbing is one of the couple’s favorite pastimes.  “We like to drink coffee, do a lot of talking and go hot-tubbing.  Hot tub time is great,” insists Lynch.Should you publicly appreciate your partner’s body?

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