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Jun 1, 2017 0

Celebrity News: Scott Speedman Was a ‘Disaster of a Boyfriend’ to Keri Russell During ‘Felicity’

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Scott Speedman Was a ‘Disaster of a Boyfriend’ to Keri Russell During ‘Felicity’
Keri Russell. Photo: FAMEFLYNET

By Cortney Moore

Former celebrity couple and co-stars Scott Speedman and Keri Russell made celebrity news once more during their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. While guest starring, Speedman and Russell joked about their past relationship. The pair had dated during their time on the hit show Felicity, which aired from 1998 to 2002. Speedman and Russell reminisced about the time Russell chopped her hair off for the sake of the show’s storyline, which Speedman didn’t take well. “We were actually dating at the time and I had been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until then and I knew I had to put on a good show. I knew I was going to see her new haircut and I was like, ‘Come on man, you got to bring it home. You gotta do it,'” Speedman admitted, “And I got to work and she turned around the corner and my face sort of froze in a half panic, half smile sort of situation. I just didn’t pull it off and she called me out.” Russell chimed in saying they were able to endure the situation although her haircut at the time was reminiscent of a Chia Pet. “It grew into something great,” Speedman added reassuringly. Despite making it through the haircut phase, this celebrity couple parted ways shortly after, but they’ve remained close friends.

This celebrity news has us laughing at the amicable exes. What are some ways to keep your relationship with your ex civil?

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Aug 19, 2013 3

‘Austenland’: Whimsical World of Fantasy Shows the Beginnings of Love

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Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Austenland’: Whimsical World of Fantasy Shows the Beginnings of Love
Photo courtesy of Sony.

By April Littleton

A 30-something-year-old woman’s lifelong obsession with Jane Austen leads her to to a theme park based on the writer’s stories and there she meets a handsome suitor. Although she is unable to enjoy the same luxury perks as the wealthier bachelorettes who are currently staying at Austenland, she decides to make the most of the trip anyway. During her stay, she falls in love with a servant and all of her dreams begin to come true.

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Jan 12, 2012 1

‘Felicity’ Actress Keri Russell and Husband Welcome Baby Daughter

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Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Felicity’ Actress Keri Russell and Husband Welcome Baby Daughter
Keri Russell. Photo: FAMEFLYNET

Former Felicity star Keri Russell and husband Shane Dreary brought their second child into the world this past December.  The couple’s first child, River, has taken on the role of  big brother to his new baby sister Willa Lou Dreary.  According to Celebrity Baby Scoop, the actress mentioned that becoming a mother has transformed her.  She also said that there’s “just a whole new set of feelings that aren’t as accessible to you before you have kids.”

 How does having a child change your priorities?

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